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Editing an Mod.

  • I have a mod that I would like to have edited.

    The disclaimer reads by the author's readme.txt file.

    You may modify, and use code from this program without my permission. I feel providing source code allows the
    modding community to grow. You may re-upload this without my permission on any other site but this GTA-5 Mods.
    I only request that you credit me when you do.

    With that being said.

    The only reason for the edit is for my own personal use. Not for re-uploading.

    I don't how to edit the file used. Asi file I think. So my question is. What program is used to edit the file or whatever. More or less it's deleting somethings and adding somethings. Making the mod more enjoyable, for me.

    If I could get some help with this it would be appreciated. :smile:

    Thanks :thumbsup_tone1:


    He said he provided the source code, so look for that. Editing ASI files is very difficult.

  • @Jitnaught Thanks. Yes I do have the provided source code. I don't have any idea as to what it is used for. Or even what to do with it.


    It's used for editing and compiling the mod.
    If all that was provided was a .cpp file or something similar, then you need to create a new C++ project in Visual Studio and add the code to the project, then edit it and compile it there. If a project was already provided (look for a .sln file) then just open it with Visual Studio.

  • @Jitnaught OK. Thanks. I know nothing of this. Guess better to leave it the way it is. To complicated for what it's worth I guess. Thanks for your help.

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