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FYI. .dll & .xml subfolders :D

  • Im sorry if this is common knowledge. Im bored & this could really help a noob or somebody with a LOT of scripts & different maps like me. I about slapped my own forehead when I realized this & haven't encountered any problems with a files path being to long.

    unlike a lot of mods here say...

    Script (.dll & .ini) files do NOT have to be placed directly into the scripts folder.
    Map editor (.xml) files do NOT have to be placed directly into the root directory.

    They can be put into sub folders for a nice organized menu/file system.

    Map selection - (my method)
    Create a new folder in your root directory called ".Load custom maps" & then all .xml files can be organized into sub folders in there. Opening mapeditor in-game & selecting "load new map" then "file chooser" the ".Load custom maps" folder will be right on top everything in the root directory for easy selection of all of your map type folders/files.

    Happy modding yall...

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