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Zmodeler - No roof collision? Hit by car and duplicates?

  • So I'm working on the Rumpo news van, adding some extras to it to make it a bit more interesting. This is where I'm at so far

    alt text

    Taken the ladder and plastic window covers (cant really see them here) from the Rumpo Custom. Ladder is extra_1 and window covers are extra _2 and extra _3.

    Taken the roof from the Moonbeam Custom. The problem is that when the player stands on top they walk through it. How can I make that new roof area permanent??? Added some antennas to the new roof area too, how can I merge those with the new Moonbeam roof?

    Also, I noticed when I hit another vehicle in game, the van sort of duplicated? I've probably put something in the wrong place in Zmodeler.

    My first venture into editing vehicle models so forgive me if it's an obvious fix! Any help really appreciated.

  • You need to edit the Collision of the bodyshell. show COL in Zmod and then edit vertices, selecting the roof ones and moving them to match the shape of the new roof (doesn't have to be perfect, just close enough to resemble it). Or if you made it as a separate part you would need to make a COL for it.

  • @GreenAid Got it! Thanks for the help. Just merged the new roof in with the original roof, didn't need it as a separate part.

    Do you know why when I crash the car it creates a duplicate shell? I presume I've placed something in the wrong place in the hierarchy in Zmodeler?

    alt text

  • This happened to my sometimes when the chassis wasn't centered.

  • I'm afraid I can't help you with that sorry :( But try looking at the chassis collisions like the guy above said.

  • Hmmm. Strange.

    You said about the chassis not being centered. I thought maybe I had accidentally moved something out of place when I was placing the new extras.

    So I just started again completely fresh so I know for sure nothing is out of place with the model.

    Imported the default Rumpo model. Added the roof extra (without collision for now) and exported. But still having the duplication issue.

    I have the roof add on as "extra 3". I want it to always spawn with it so does it need to be attached to the bodyshell perhaps? Don't know if that may be causing some issues?

  • Few other things I've tried (but not worked)

    • Attached the new roof area to bodyshell using Modify>attach
    • Adjusted the collision for chassis [COL]
    • Adjusted the collision for chassis lowlod [COL]

  • @glennoconnell To fix duplicating meshes on impact do the next:
    -Check every Collision mesh is inside every parent they belong to
    -Check every single compound that has L0-L4 mesh, you must have one that lacks "default" compound level, add it

  • @glennoconnell meaby you have copy existing car body end reworked to other parts? If yes you must delete this part and create new but no copy np create part -> export to obj-> open your save and import this parts;) i have this same problem in my Dodge sorry for my english;)

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