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Metal detector / digging for treasure

  • Hey guys,

    I took a look around but couldn't find anything of the sort. Wondering is there a mod or is anyone interested in creating one that would place hidden gold in the ground at random (dirt?) locations and the player have some form of detector that helps locate these similar to the one used in the quest. Then you can do a little dig for the gold, I've always been into metal detector type stuff so was wondering.

    Thanks in advance!

  • @lucisac But what would the found "gold" do? Can you sell it? Please elaborate.

  • It may contain a chest that inside grants 1000g-1mil gold, RNG of course.

  • @lucisac Sounds interesting, may give it a try.

  • Here are some of my ideas if you want to explore them.

    • The detector does not interact with the map at all.
    • The detector works during use of a transport vehicle.
    • The detector can show signs of detection up to half a mile (inc vertical/horizontal), the closer you get the more accurate it is (allowing for difficulty).
    • There is a chance the item you dig up may be something novel (not gold but something strange/0 value unobtainable).
    • Rewards from located chests may be:
      10 million (1% chance).
      1 million (4% chance).
      500k (20% chance).
      200k (20% chance).
      50k (20% chance)
      5k (20% chance)
      1 gold (5% chance) or strange troll find (maybe weapons)

    Not sure about how the item will be dug or if the locations may include non dirt areas but the good old shovel would be nice, not sure how this can be implemented, added to the hand icon in weapon list perhaps?

    Dept to dig not sure, can even get away with just an effect (shall dig).

    The main mystery is the hunting and the detector thrill. As a kid I always wanted to go gold hunting but it never happened, bring it to the game! lol

  • @lucisac Good ideas!

  • I've been doing some Treasur quest ( nothing really elaborate) map and i must admit that this idea would be pretty cool since i plan to do more ;D
    Between about digging, i guess it will require to create object, cause we can't affect the earth level on gta ;S

  • Hey thanks.

    As I think of ideas I will throw them here. I thought in the event where someone just can't locate the treasure and gives up there would be an option to display it either on the map or zooming in on the game where it would show the treasure location. Of course doing this it would then show what was inside and then skip that instance and move onto a new treasure/new location.

    EDIT: Actually this could be exploited so I would adjust it to be on a cooldown, or to just not show what was inside only the location.

  • @lucisac The only thing that is bugging me right now, is how the "digging" will occur since AFAIK you can't edit the actual game terrain. So don't expect much xD

  • Well that's okay, some digging dirt effects is all that's needed. In real life, when people go gold hunting a lot of gold is actually just below the surface not deep at all. In the case of GTA, a suitcase of gold would be a few inches under the dirt so effects would be fine, then some suitcase pops out.

  • Hi peeps,

    Wondering if anyone is still working on this, would love to be included in the process if welcome. If too busy that's fine too I understand.

  • Good idea!
    but how to create similar gold stuff ?
    Metal detectors for gold are essential for you.

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