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ENB crashes on startup

  • Hey guys,

    a few days ago, I wanted to start using an ENB - so, I downloaded the 0.275 preset from enbdev.com, copied everything into the V root folder and after that, I overwrote everything with the VisualV ENB settings - everything was working in-game.
    So, yesterday I wanted to try out Next-Gen Shader 1.05 by Bloomst - game starts, ENB info in the upper right corner - then, nothing happens until the game crashes approximately half a minute later.
    Also, the game now crashes with the default 0.275 preset on startup, even after a reinstallation of V - or, in other words: using my backup.

    Now, I'm a total noob when it comes about ENBs for V.

    Also, my game always seems to run as an administrator because it always asks to install a patch before the Launcher pops up - if I want to play, I have to accept it though nothing indicates me that V installs an update ...

    I'm not using ReShade or any other injector or afaik any sort of booster etc.

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