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GTA V suddenly started crashing

  • Can anyone tell me what might fix the memory error message(s)? One I git this morning was Core: An exception occured while executing 'Enhanced Native Trainer.asi' (Fixed with updated ENT(I Tthink). Second one keeps popping up now Reboot and Restart Game? I am a old as dirt but a total noob when it comes to my new found mods addiction and new here as well, but have played GTA since the first release. I have 42 mods installed now after manually changing the gameconfig. Figured out I was one car over the limit, changed the gameconfig and it has worked for a couple of weeks... Until now. This issue all the sudden came about after playing for hours on end then shutting the game down. When I restarted it a few hours later, The error came up. If I disable ENT, everything works great. I enable it and within a minute or 2 it crashes. I also have started making custom tshirts myself and they have been working great. Every mod is an add on that I did one at a time and tested each one before I went further. I have had no luck troubleshooting this morning, so now I am here. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks in advance!!!
    Asus Sabertooth 990 FX R 2.0
    AMD 8350 8 core watercooled processor
    PNY 750 Ti
    16GB RAM
    Windows 10 Pro OEM
    I built this machine myself and beat it to death running Solidworks 2015 and Photoshop CS6 for my design work. Runs these programs great and Solidworks is an extremly demanding program in itself
    GTA V - Purchased copy - unedited-no mods
    GTA V - Crack (just in case I really do something FUBAR)

  • @Bad-Company-13 If your legit version has no mods, then I presume this problem isn't to do with that one, would that be right?

    If so, I would refer you to the forum FAQ

    Do I need a genuine version of GTA V to use mods?
    Pirated versions are not supported on this site and are not guaranteed to work properly

    Nobody will help you fix a cracked version, because it is against the forum rules to discuss it.

  • Now that I have looked further into this, there shouldn't be an issue running mods on my paid copy, right? If I really mess something up I just reinstall the CD? If that is so, I will try installing mods on it this afternoon. Maybe it will fix these issues? I just don't wan't to get in to deep to my legit copy and have to buy it again...

  • @Bad-Company-13 Make sure you read the tutorials on here about using a mods folder, you have no option other than using one with the CD version. https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/1451/tutorial-grand-theft-auto-v-modding-a-few-things-you-should-know

    I have the retail version, with plenty of mods installed and have no issues. The beauty of using the mods folder, is that if you do mess it up, you simply delete it and make a new one. All your original game files remain untouched, so become the guaranteed backups... you should never have to reinstall from the CD to fix anything.

    Even if something went wrong with your main game files, you can simply run a verify on them to put them back to normal. And if you mod one by mistake, the game will repair it automatically when you run the game.

    The only thing you have to remember, is to never go online with a modded version of the game. If you already have the hard drive space for two copies, then it's easy enough to set up two legit copies to keep one clean for online and the other modded for offline.

  • Thanks for your input. My neighbor had put some fear into me talking about a modded game fried a pc of his. My pc is mainly for business, so I am cautious witth it, but in spare time I mess with GTA V. I have 10TB worth of drives, so I will create a vbox and install a legit copy in it. Hopefull this evening.
    Thank you

  • @Bad-Company-13 Just to reassure you, I am (or should I say was) a game developer and my PC is my development PC... nothing would go on my PC if I thought it would cause damage to it.

    So I run 3D software, Photoshop, Visual Studio, video editing software and a modded version of GTAV with no problems at all... and I have 30 years of work on the drives, so trust me, I am very protective of that data. :D

    If you get any concerns at any point, ask a question. There are many people on here who will answer them and I will be back online from 7pm to around 3am or 4am UK time. Ask as much as you need to get things set up.


    Never hesitate to ask anything.

    The more information in your posts the more motivated we are to try and help you out.

    I spend more time fiddling with the files then actually playing frankly :P

  • @Bad-Company-13 Unless someone puts a malware on that mod, which, if they do, it can't get on gta5-mods.com since rappo(site admin) is always working to approve mods which are safe. So fried PC = nope cant happen.

    Talking about your GTA retail problem: you really can't mess up if you use the mods folder technique(which you must use in the retail version). Now that, and literally every other mod except for RAGEPluginHook requires dinput8.dll in your game directory. You want to play Online again - delete it. Wanna play modded? Put it back. I just have RAGEPluginHook in my directory as it doesn't do any harm, since you launch it in a different way.

    And even if you do mess up, one way or another, you can use the command -verify, you can put it at the end of the "Target" in your shortcut or you can make a text file named commandline in your GTA 5 directory and enter in -verify. WITH THE MINUS SIGN!

    Then the launcher will check if you have all the files installed, if you do, it'll let you play, if you don't or some files are "corrupted" (most of the time that means a mod is added to your vanilla RPFs), it'll download it and let you play.

    OR, you know, you can make two folders like @LeeC2202 does. I don't know how he does it, so ask him :P

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