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[Animal]Any possible of Aligator/crocodil/Mygale/Scorpion/Snake

  • Yop,
    i've some jungle and deserts maps projects in preparation
    I just learned to do object but never did any skin or vehicle yet and don't really get time to learn ,

    i always wanted to see some aligator/crocodile/Spider/Scorpio or Snake animal in GTA mod as many people I guess,
    it would be pretty fun and damn cool if someone could do (even lowquality) model of these Animal.

    I know it must not be ez to do animal but it something that miss a lot in gta , some freaky animal other than badcat and sharks that could add a good wild gameplay

    Maybe @Quechus13 you will be able to do any of the mentionned animal ? i really like your bear/horse and skyrim dragon i hope you can ;D

  • I would love to have snakes in Blaine County.

  • @V4D3R And crocodile as well, maybe in wetlands? Really cool... Hope someone is going to do that! :D

  • @Cloud_Power I dunno if there are Crocs in LA, IRL, but there are Alligators, as far as I know.

  • I would absolutely love to have Bull/Great White Sharks and some other whales, like Blue whale and the Sperm whale.

  • @V4D3R yeah you're right there is aligator, and snake

    anyway it's not only about realism but for fun that i made this request
    I wanna be scared to walk in the wild, looking where i put my feets ;P

    the water animal you suggested could be fun too, I just hope some one will be able ;D

  • @Shaezbreizh But before that,is there a way to have animals as addon?
    We have had quite a few nice animal models but I dont want to replace the animals ingame:/

  • @Elope I don't know, as i said i only know how to do object and have no knowledge about ped and vehicle, but i guess than addonpeds permit it isn't it ?

  • @Shaezbreizh addon peds can only add human form peds cuz it gives the peds a human animation,if we want to add animals,we need a update of that script for animal animation

  • @Elope Well maybe @method could do an animal addon?
    Personatly i will not be disturbed if it replace existing animal but i can understand

  • @Shaezbreizh If it's not about realism, I would love nothing more than a Salt water crocodile. The biggest of the entire species. We have a lot of them here in our country.

  • I've seen that someone made an horse mod so I think is not impossible to do that :D

  • @Cloud_Power yeah you're right, @Quechus13 made an horse and a Bear mod that are pretty cool that why I think he would be able .

  • @Shaezbreizh Making new animals is possibly the most ambitious kind of mod one could come up with, not only would they need a model, but someone would need to rig the model, and make new animations so it doesn't walk like a different creature. I think your best bet to accomplishing something like this would be to rip game files from other rock star games like red dead redemption. where the game actually has alligators and pythons. So they already have the model, rig, sounds, animations etc. This can come in especially helpful because in rigging, its important to name joints and animations. Companies like Rockstar usually has a special system in how to name things.

  • @hetake07 yeah i guess, but i'm let my request pretty open, I mean i know it's hard so low quality model, existing anim, or even no attack anim will be cool already

    for exemple, i guess it would be possible to turn the rat animal into spider and make it hit player health by beeing close would be already fun ;P

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