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DLC weapons disappear from character after switching/loading a game.

  • Hey there, first time posting in these here forums.
    My question is that I simply cannot get GTA Online-only weapons ( such as the revolver or the double-barreled shotgun ) to "stick" to my story mode characters. After spawning them with the trainer, whenever I switch between one another or load a game, they just disappear from my inventory, so I'd have to browse the trainer menu to spawn that weapon again, every single game session. A big PITA, I must say.

    I have the Steam version of the game, legit copy obviously. This issue has always been present ever since the first Online-only weapon appeared ( the revolver, if I'm not mistaken ).

    I think I have tried every indirect solution, like deleting the update.rpf file and verifying files, the dlc files, removing all mods ( except scripthook + trainer ) but to no avail. Everything short of redownloading the whole game, which, sitting at 67gb currently, is kind of extreme for me.

    Also, don't know if it matters, but this is the same installation ever since launch day.

  • @beazelweasel It's normal behavior IIRC, as the weapons are not suppose to exist in single-player normally. You can use this mod to always have the weapons at game launch (don't know if it works when switching characters), but there is no way to save attachments, tints, etc., although that feature this is very much possible.

  • @stillhere Interesting, I'll check it out, thanks! But at any rate, it's a relief it's not a problem on my end, and I also wonder why I've never seen this "problem" brought up before, I searched the GTA forums a fair deal before I gave up on it.

    Also, if I recall correctly, as of a couple of patches ago, Rockstar also added a little "feature" that despawns the new cars they added for GTA Online - and then I don't remember if it was either ScriptHook or the Community ScriptHook that removed this little annoyance. Weird that they couldn't have done the same for the weapons.

  • @beazelweasel I think nobody has brought it up is because only a few people really care about the weapons, most people are just interested in getting the vehicles in SP and don't care about the weapons at all

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