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[Vehicle] [WIP] Phoenix Interceptor (Help needed)

  • Hi guys, I'm a big fan of Movie Cars and GTA Vanilla mods, but I have ZERO experience in 3D modelling (this is my first mod), so I decided to watch some tutorials and give it a try to make my own V8 Interceptor on the GTA World, since I feel that the Duke o' Death is more of a Death Race car than a Mad Max one.

    So after this whole weekend watching tutorials, editing and opening the game to test dozens of times, here's what I've managed to do:
    -Fixed the custom Roof and Grill
    -De-badged most of the emblems
    -Changed wheels for a bigger, more fitting one
    -Slightly raised suspension
    -Removed the Racing Stripe
    -Changed the hood to the cut one
    -Removed passenger Rear view mirror
    -Made driver rear view mirror colourable (Paint2)
    -Removed Front Bumper
    -Cut left and right fenders (needs improving on the filling)
    -Added Blower From Dukes2 (Paint2)
    -Added side Exhausts from Sabre GT (paint2)
    -Removed old Exhausts
    -Removed all Glasses (windshield, windows and rear)
    -Removed Windshield Wipers
    -Roof spoiler added as extra (from sultan RS)

    What I still need help with:
    -Fill the rear bumper gaps from old exhaust
    -Make it look like Sh#t (Rusty paintjob, chrome, inner and under parts, wheels, worn interior, basically make it look like Rat Tornado and Rebel Rusty)
    -I have no idea how to work with LODs, so it does not have any
    -Put clutter and fuel tanks in the back
    -Add a roof spoiler
    -Maybe make the headlights square
    -Maybe add a Rollcage
    -Make it an Add-on

    Some pics of my baby:
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    I hope you guys like it!

  • Roof spoiler added as extra! (From Sultan RS)
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • @GreenAid Would add, if you want some part of the falcon just PM me i'll unlock the models

    Nice idea tho!

  • Thanks for the support, guys!

    Here's the progress of the last few days:
    -Reimported the lower part of the blower from the Vigero, as dukes2's blower has a lot of texture bugs
    -Resized the upper part of the blower so it looks more like the Interceptor's blower
    -Made collision to fit the blower
    -Remapped the cuts on the front fenders so the texture looks better
    -Readded Windscreen, as the Interceptor has it (oops)
    -Closed the Gaps in the rear bumper from the old exhaust system (and UV mapped it as well as i could)
    -Cut away the part in between the rear seats, rear window and the boot to open space for the stuff in the back
    -Removed boot (duh)
    -did some basic modelling and UV mapping on the interior rear to fill the hole.
    -Added Barrel and Spare wheel to the back.

    Current Bugs:
    -The Windscreen does not break.
    -The Spare Wheel gets Dirty like the normal wheels (it was expected, but looks weird)
    -The Barrel doesn't get Dirty (again, expected, but looks weird)

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    PS: I extracted the Barrel and the wheel from the game files, so the car looks more "lore friendly", Instead of using the tanks from the real interceptor. Remember, I want it to fit the GTA world as much as possible.

    I'd appreciate some help about the windscreen and dirt problems xD

    I hope you like it!

  • @Matt_STS Usually i dont like edited vanilla vehicles, because they still looks ugly, but this looks like a real "lore friendly interceptor". Also, to be breakable glass should have at least LOD1, correct UV mapping on 2nd channel and "Crash" user defined option in material properties.

  • More progress!
    Thanks to help from @Yarm1995 , I've managed to do the following:

    Normal version Finished!
    -Glass is breakable
    -LODs work (but are heavy)
    -Jerry can added as extra 2

    Rusty Version Started!
    What still needs to be done:
    -Improve Rust mapping
    -Fix Dirt mapping
    -Make worn interior
    -Make exhaust and chrome parts rusty
    -Lods and glass

    -Make both versions add-on

    alt text
    alt text

  • @Matt_STS looks freaking sick

  • @Matt_STS Rusty version looks great!

  • Looks awesome

  • -Fixed UV mapping as well as i could
    -Fixed Dirt Mapping
    -Chrome parts, exhausts and driver mirror are now worn chrome
    -Worn Interior
    -Breakable Glass
    -made add-on pack with clean version


    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    • Awaiting Approval

    I'd like to thank @Yarm1995 for the help, I'd be stuck without your help!
    Also thank all of you for the support!

  • @Matt_STS i think its great work!

  • @Yarm1995 and everyone, how do you like it?

    -New front bumper, it goes lower on the ground and goes around to the fenders
    I crashed it a few times but I couldn't make it fall off, so I'm not sure it's working completely well
    it still lacks UV mapping on the inside and dirt mapping

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • @Matt_STS Yea, thats what i meant by addind front bumper. To make it fall off properly make sure that bumper collision have correct ID and properties (easiest way - take bumper collision from default vehicle)

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