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Babylon 5 Star furies

  • wouldn't these be cool to see in the game I am surprised no one has ever made these yet god this show brings back memories lol hell I have all 5 seasons of the show and the extras lol but here is the specs and other info and pics.

    Regular starfury

    Advanced Starfury

    0_1489380065930_maxresdefault.jpg 1_1489380065930_starfury-fighter.jpg 2_1489380065930_thunder.jpg 3_1489380065930_B5_SA26.gif 4_1489380065930_cbad592fc5d138c8221d050746902282.jpg 5_1489380065930_thdrtop_sm.gif

  • Do you have any models of those?

  • @V4D3R not yet sadly but I am searching for them I am sure there is some lol if there is I would post it here

  • @V4D3R the only play where I can see if they had it for free don't have it and I don't know about the paid sites?

  • Well I looked but I can't seem to find any as in model wise dose anyone know if there is even a model of these two?

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