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Two RHD cars at the same time?

  • As many might have noticed, there is a variety of cars available the offer RHD animations and layouts. However, when I try to load up my game with two RHD cars installed, the game crashes during load. I've noticed that the all share a common layout in the dlc.rpf\data\ai section with a vehiclelayouts.meta file. Could it be a data conflict within the layout settings in vehicles.meta and vehiclelayouts.meta? For example, I tried loading the YCA ER34 and another RHD car at the same time but it made all addons invalid or crashed on load. But each car works perfectly individually.

    TL;DR - Having two RHD layout addon cars in-game causes problems. But both addons work fine individually.

  • @DefendMyCereal I have 3 RHD cars that all share the same RHD layout and all load fine.

    What I did, was find the one that works and make a note of the <layout> </layout> property in vehicles.meta.

    Go into the vehicles.meta of one of the other ones and change the <layout></layout> item to the same value as the one that works. That way they share the same RHD layout and it should be fine.

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