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ps1/ps2 era games maps?

  • So I've been seeing the old ps1, ps2 era games maps being created by @Mishka Volkav. Like Half-Life or Doom.

    I think a couple maps from MGS1 or Resident Evil (1,2,or3) would be breathtakingly nostalgic...

  • @Weirdoutworld MGS is possible but Resident Evil games no, Why? Because are prerendered stages, that means: Are static images with collisions adapted for the player guidance path. Is the same in other games like Final Fantasy VII, Parasite Eve and Dino Crisis.

  • @Rarefacer being able to run thru the spencer estate or RPD building would be great!. But yes, it would be a lil different. Textures would have to be improvised.

  • @Weirdoutworld The best choice is look the recent remastered versions of the RE series to extract cool 3D stuff for stages.

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