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Zmodeler make selection chrome

  • I'm trying to add some chrome bits to my vehicle. It already has a chrome grill so I'm trying to take the chrome used for the grill and use it elsewhere.

    I've tried selecting the grill and seeing what material it uses, but it uses a material which uses a texture from vehshare. Has a bunch of different textures in one image. Linked below.

    alt text

    Tried using UV mapping, moving my selection to the small grey area in the top left (just to see if it worked) but it just produces a flat texture. No reflection etc.

    Any help appreciated!!!

  • @glennoconnell Try this: full black texture in DETAIL slot, full white texture in SPECMAP, full strength for ENV texture

  • My frined i’m late to the show i know but here i am..
    I want to know what to do to make the chrome bits go away?
    I want to dechrome a car, so no chrome on the windows and grill..
    I would be extreme thankful if you would help me..
    Or anyone tbh..

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