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How to eliminate the online displays during start-up?

  • I have the smoking aces loading screens, but those damn online displays overlap it. What files are responsible for this? I want to remove them.

  • Did you try going offline in steam? So you won't see those online infomercial.

  • @eshenk There used to be a setting you could put in the launch options or the commandline.txt file but looking at the Rockstar support site, they have removed it.

    it was -scOfflineOnly but as I say, that option is gone from the support page... probably too concerned about people not seeing their spamverts so took it away.

  • @LeeC2202 Its removed from the website, but thats still what I use.

    @eshenk I have two shortcuts, one for Online and one for modded/Story Mode. This is how my Online one looks like:
    alt text
    Notice the -StraightIntoFreemode and -online commands. That's how it works.

    My Story Mode one:
    alt text

    And there is the command, -SCOfflineOnly. So now I don't even need to go into the game to choose if I wanna go online or story mode, its really awesome!

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