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Add on Weapons

  • I was wondering since we got add on vehicles and peds I was wondering can we get a add on weapons tab and some add on weapons? what do you all think?

  • @TR71777 You can install add-on weapons.

  • @V4D3R ok but where are they?

  • @TR71777 If you like to know how to do it, follow @Reyser's tutorial.
    There are some add-on weapons, as far as I can remember. There is a flamethrower mod, for an example.


  • @ReNNie I looked into those and sadly with the updates the MG-42 mod is broken the flamethrower add on is also broken cause of the updates I haven't even downloaded the new patch yet cause I want to play gta5 while I wait for the new version of the scripthookv and othe mods as well lol

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