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Object Duplicated when Recording Game

  • Hi guys !
    I have a problem with recording in GTA 5, I used Object Spawner of Menyoo to spawn car and ped or anything, I record the clip and after review in Rockstar Editor, the object was duplicated. Anyone meet this case ? Please help me !

    Link to pictures:

    These two red car are just one. It was duplicated when edit in Rockstar Editor.

    Thanks you very much !

  • Because the cars you spawned using menyoo are still currently in the " game world " so when using rockstar editor you will see the cars again in the world PLUS the car that was recorded while using it...hard to explain, a simple reload of the game save or restarting the whole game should fix it, its normal.

  • @GrandTheftCinema you mean that after recording clip, I have to restart the game and enter rockstar editor ? Can you explain more specific. Thank you so much !

  • @lld123 You can just reload your last saved game, that will clear the game world of anything that has been spawned with Menyoo. So when you go into the editor, there should only be one of them.

    You don't need to completely restart the game.

  • @LeeC2202 thank you so much, I'll try it !

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