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If your mods have stopped working after the latest update, please Read This First!

  • Every time Rockstar updates GTAV, there is a risk that mods stop working. This is because ScriptHookV has to be modified to work with the new exe files in the update.

    This affects all mods, including script mods and any mods installed into the mods folder. (Addendum: It appears that the mods folder will continue to work, even without ScriptHookV being present, so this section is partially inaccurate... sorry for any confusion.)

    If your mods have stopped working after the latest update, please go to this page. ScriptHookV for GTAV

    Click on Follow Updates and wait until the new version has been uploaded.

    It normally takes around 4 days for the new version to be uploaded, so please be patient.

    Please be aware of the forum rules with regards to posting links to original game files as a solution to your game not working.

    Posting any of the following on the forums or in direct messages may result in your post being removed and in case of serious or repeat offenses, your forums and main website accounts being banned:

    • Download links to original GTA V game files (including pirated content or subsets of files)

  • @LeeC2202 Maybe you should include that people who haven't started their game yet, to turn off their internet or so until Scripthook is updated.

  • @Kwebbl True, although if their mods haven't stopped working, they probably won't read this thread.

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