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[Tutorial][Accepted] Multiple liveries methode for any Car


    this tutorial for every modder and i made for request of my friend
    @FoxtrotDelta for multiple livery

    first creat a white png photo in 1024x1024px name it as you want but like this form
    onlt xxx_sign_1.png (xxx for what name you chose for examlpe:
    foxtrodelta_sign_1.png) and leave it for a while we gonna use it later.

    use for paint materiel > vehicle_paint3 shader
    in option :
    for detail1 > vehicle generic small specmap
    for detail2 > xxx_sign_1.png
    mask : vehicle generic mud
    and specmap : vehicle generic small spec map

    alt text

    and for material option :

    alt text

    for Detail2 material we chose that photo we created in first step as detail2
    now the material is set only start mapping car parts, and doors by each side like 2 left doors and 2 right doors (also yo can cut the bodyshell sides left side with left doors and right with rights doors after finnish attache it back) other parts one by one each that use paint with polygons view but make sure during mapping always use Uv chanel 2 so the car parts gonna be mapped in foxtrodelta_sign_1.png

    alt text

    then go to vehicle.meta of your car scroll to Flags section lines
    add FLAG_HAS_LIVERY replace it back and you done.

    PS: when you make paint jobs always rename them as the name you chose first xx_sign_1.png for livery 1 and same name_sign_2.png for second livery sign_3 sign_4 ... but always the same name first

    PS 2 : we use vehicle generic small spec map for detail1 in paint3 material so that you can still chose between coloring the car or put costume livery on it with any trainer.

    any questions i can reply in comments bellow so every one intrested can learn about it.

  • thank you. i shall try it tonight.! :) i appriciate it. thanks brother.

  • There is any way to make that process works on windows too ?

    Cuz ive made that process in the whole car but there and i want add stickers on the windows for each livery.

    Thanks anyway.

  • @Graph No, paint3 don't use the alpha. You can still replace the windows from LSC or add a layer on the glass with your livery


    @Graph you can use livery too but not gonna be seen through only if you reduce the opacity of png texture like 60% to make window livery transparent


    @carloxfranco i belive it the same but i didn't try it before


    @carloxfranco yeah i think so because templated use paint3 shader but about the light use emmissive but i think ther is a trick you can use it to make a copie of that teplated part and move it little back from the templated one than select it as polygons drag and drop in a new material as lightemmissive so you gonna have two part first on should be the templated one and the second behind it should be as lightemmissive the when you put texture make sure to reduce the opacity to 70% that would make it lighted and textured with liveries

  • حياك الله أستاذ فيصل
    ارجو منك لو تكرمت عليا وشرحت لي كيفية صنع موديل للاعب خاص بي


    @TobsiCred great to hear that :) anything anytime bro


    @kingfire تعني صنع مود سيارة من أ الى ي

  • Do you know how many liveries gta can support? Like can i have 10 liveries for a vehicle instead of 4?

  • I've tried and tried but I just cant figure ZModeler 3 out, I'm just trying to create 2 liveries for the 1972 Gran Torino mod, I'm trying to make one a white Starsky & Hutch stripe with thin black out line and the other a custom hood decal in matte black, red, white, blue color options. But I just cant figure out how to create them or how to use ZModeler 3 can someone please help me.

  • @Faysal How would it be for vehicles that already have a livery? I mean jester2, gauntlet2, etc.. I guess it will be even easier
    And for those who can only apply to Bennys?
    Thank you

  • @Faysal said in [Tutorial][Accepted] Multiple liveries methode for any Car:

    paint materiel

    Could you guide me how to create more liveries with another cars .ytd files without name : Sign_1 on there ???
    Some mods have .dds file like that image : https://goo.gl/eBVfjN
    Do you have skype ?


    @dancof the name sign_1.. should always be for texture name otherwise it not gonna show on the game

  • @Faysal How i can convert that file to sign_1 ??? Could you send me your z3d files ?

  • @dancof just change the name.

  • @FoxtrotDelta i changed the name that dds file on image : https://goo.gl/eBVfjN
    From : macqueenmap to : macqueenmap_sign_1 and some macqueenmap_sign_xxx
    But when i spawn in game. That car is white like that : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=875229039\

    Do you have any guides for me ?
    I really appreciate any help from you. I really really want to know how to create new liveries car

  • @dancof does the car already supports liveries? I mean in zmodeler 3 paint 3 has to be used and in meta files has livery flag has to be added too

  • @FoxtrotDelta Please check your Facebook. I sent message for you
    Thank you <3

  • Nothing is clear at all, too few screenshots

  • @Jason-SilentGamer that was enough for me. To learn it.

  • @dancof maybe the name is to "strange" and like FoxtrotDelta say`s !..."paint 3 has to be used and in meta files has livery flag has to be added too"

    and the right UV mapping in Zmod is importand and last but not .....leat if uoverwriting a car (without addon) there are a few folders of ech car u have to replace....so a few cars have more files in every patchday folder of the game

    sorry for my folish writing but my english is bad an i`m tired......almost fell asleep :-P

  • @Faysal i did everything what was said in this tutorial but for some reason my car shows up with kinda like a rainbow color paint job on open iv and in the actual game the car's body starts changing into weird colors like if u catch it on the right angle the whole car is painted as a license plate lol i think it's going thru each texture in the yfd file i did everything , the meta flag and shader paint 3 on material browser what am i missing?

  • This post is deleted!

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