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[Tutorial][Accepted] Multiple liveries methode for any Car

  • @dancof maybe the name is to "strange" and like FoxtrotDelta say`s !..."paint 3 has to be used and in meta files has livery flag has to be added too"

    and the right UV mapping in Zmod is importand and last but not .....leat if uoverwriting a car (without addon) there are a few folders of ech car u have to replace....so a few cars have more files in every patchday folder of the game

    sorry for my folish writing but my english is bad an i`m tired......almost fell asleep :-P

  • @Faysal i did everything what was said in this tutorial but for some reason my car shows up with kinda like a rainbow color paint job on open iv and in the actual game the car's body starts changing into weird colors like if u catch it on the right angle the whole car is painted as a license plate lol i think it's going thru each texture in the yfd file i did everything , the meta flag and shader paint 3 on material browser what am i missing?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Nevermind i solved it. Thanks for this amazing tutorial But hey how do keep just the stock color on the car so the liveries dont spawn in traffic?

  • can someone go into more detail of what to do when he says

    use for paint materiel > vehicle_paint3 shader
    in option :
    for detail1 > vehicle generic small specmap
    for detail2 > xxx_sign_1.png
    mask : vehicle generic mud
    and specmap : vehicle generic small spec map

    right hear is where i get confused

  • Me too i get confused

  • I don't understanding this:

    and for material option :

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