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Tutorial on how to fix GTAV to previous state

  • I managed to figure out why GTAV is broken despite previous ways around it, that used to work. With this latest update, another file, not typically updated was updated. The file is called steam_api64.dll. The version number of this file is - if you hover your mouse pointer above the file, it will display version number. If you already have a full backup of the game, then you need only to copy and overwrite your previous gtav.exe launcher.exe, vanilla update folder, installscript.vdf and steam_api64.dll. This will allow you to fire up gta with all previous mods and scripts working as usual. For those who need it, I have a link to steam_api64.dll here -


  • For No-Steam Version (Not Pirated , Bought) Do the same , except you don't need Steam_api and installscript

  • @eshenk After hear what you said, I have backup the new version steam_api64.dll as well

    just in case in the future it's gonna be broke again LOL

  • @eshenk I read where you talked about the steam_api64.dll and then posted you did that and had it working, but never mentioned the other stuff. My backup is bad and don't have that other stuff. I let the download continue once I saw that post where you said it was working. Wish I would have waited since you obviously need more than just that one file. You could of mentioned that in the post on the mod thread.

  • @Claymmorez It felt real good to hear zippo raids blood, violence, and mayhem background music start when the game launched. I breathed a deep sigh of relief, LOL.

  • @uec397 you didn't backup gta5exe and launcher ?

  • @Claymmorez Something happened to my backup. I don't know what. I can build a mean computer but am terrible at figuring out mods and software. Oh well.

  • @uec397 Sorry, but this should be VERY common knowledge by now, give the sheer volume of updates over the last couple years. I could provide the other things needed, but not now - I am getting ready to have fun with GTAV, LOL.

  • @eshenk Well, I haven't spent a lot of time with the game until recently. Played it all the way through once without mods and shelved it for a long time until recently as I don't haven't had a lot of time to play my games until recently, so I didn't think of making sure my backup was recent and good.

  • @uec397 Ok....alright...standby...

  • @uec397 If anyone here could create a quick download of gtav.exe launcher.exe, vanilla update folder, installscript.vdf for those of us screwed out of playing it would be great. If not then oh well. Edit: didn't see you last post. Thanks if you are doing that. All of the game makers with their forced updates is really annoying and screwing over the modding communities.

  • @eshenk Thanks man, but does someone also have those other files mentioned backuped and could upload that maybe? I didnt't backup my game -.-

  • @PaulToast and @uec397 Links are provided below. NOTE: You will need to go to update/update.rpf/common/data, extract dlclist.xml to desktop, open with notepad, and remove mpspecialraces and patchday14ng, save, and copy back in openIV for this to work.

    Sorry, I have had to remove the links to the unmodifed game files, this is to protect the site against copyright theft accusations. - LeeC2202

  • @eshenk yeah i am an idiot... i... didn't back up my files...

  • @Skillerious See my reply above mine before yours. All files provided.

  • @eshenk Thank you!!!!!!!!

  • @Skillerious Have fun!

  • @eshenk You're a great guy for taking the time out of your day to help stupid idiots like us to enjoy the game, thanks alot man :)

    Have fun playing!

  • @Dubshed Thanks my dude. I have been through this so many times, you have NO idea, LOL. If you look deep into the scripthook forums enough, you will see what I mean, LOL.

  • @eshenk Yes thank you. Hope I can get it working.

  • @uec397 You WILL if you follow my directions precisely. I didn't make my tutorial dummy-proof, because of time constraints. If something goes wrong just tag me, and I will see it later. For now, I am off to GTAV land, LOL.

  • @eshenk Dude thanks so much youre the man xD

  • @eshenk I replaced just the GTA5 file, GTAVLauncher file and instalscript.vdf file and everything works fine including the mods without doing anything else. Thanks again for those files. Will try not to make the same mistake again. Am going to do a proper backup later to day, but for now, I am going to cause major havoc in the GTA V world. Edit: Almost forgot. Thanks a bunch for the help. You are awesome dude. Edit: I forgot that I also used the old steam_api64.dll

  • @eshenk Dude what do i need to do with non steam version of the game, i copied above files into directory and opened Update.rpf in OpenIV and edited out the 2 lines and saved. launched the game and it starts to update. did i do anyting wrong?

  • @eshenk Please tell me those are not original game files. If they are, please remove the links.

    Posting unmodified game files is against forum rules.

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