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How to set a radar gun as a weapon.

  • So ive modeled a lidar gun that i want to be used as weapon in-game. ie: the player can hold and aim it. i dont need it to shoot anything. (duh :smile: )
    I have no experience at all in weapons modding. (although i do have in vehicles so im familiar with zmod.)
    anyone have any recommendations as to what weapon i use as a base? i plan on making it a addon weapon. anyone know of some good tutorials? or any other advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.

  • so a little update, ive successfully gotten the model ingame. atm its replacing the marksman pistol, although im hoping to make it an addon.

    If anyone knows how to fix the problems i have listed below, that'd be greatly appreciated. :)

    Things ive already fixed
    it doesn't shoot bullets
    it doesn't have a gunshot sound
    it doesn't have a reload animation

    Things i have yet to fix
    it has the recoil animation
    the trigger finger positioning is too far front
    peds react to it as if its a gun
    when shot at, sometimes you can hear a bullet whiz soundeffect

  • Hey I wanted to make (and still want to) a radar gun for FiveM.

    My plan was to check how the Digiscanner is "non violent". Turns out it's just a weapon flag called "NonViolent".
    I'm guessing most of the other problems are "fixed" in the digiscanner meta so I would suggest looking there.

    Anyways, Good luck and I can't for it to be released :)

  • Oooh. I'd love to get my hands on this and mess around with it. If you can give me a copy of your weapon data that u have already figured out, I have some free time and could take a look.

  • Hey also idea / request, Don't know how offtopic this is. But it would be awesome if digits on the screen were weapon components :)

  • I know the stock taser model had a line saying how the charge was, and I run a modded version that has numbers on it for some reason, but I know those numbers change. I could get you numbers, but they would be have to be on the model. I could make an attempt at making them change, but I doubt I could do it. Just writing down a thought here but I am taking script lessons, I bet there could be a way to make a script that measures car speed, idk maybe change the "bullet" count for how fast the car is going. Just a thought...

    @Kng @officerfive0

  • @TheLoneWolf293 something like that is already in the works. ;)

  • Wow. Lol, I thought you were asking someone to make this. Can't wait then, I'm sure it will be a surprise!

  • @Kng
    do you know where is the digi metal ? im looking on that too

  • im trying to clone the laser stungun/railgun mod, on the digi and the flaregun , to have multiple colors lasers ..
    I was able the creat an ammo type with an other color and dmg , but not to set it on an other weapon yet

    in the weapon meta i can see stuff about the digi but not the flaregun , do you know where are the flare gun meta ?

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