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is there any simple, safe or easy way to install mods for this game?

  • having to worry about updates destroying my game is one thing but i cant even be a*sed to install mods because it's so much work. i have yet to find an easy simple way to put cars into this game and alot of cars have their own separate instructions so it's not even something you can memorize and many cant even replace...what happened to just replacing txt and model files??

  • @UncleRam said in is there any simple, safe or easy way to install mods for this game?:

    alot of cars have their own separate instructions so it's not even something you can memorize and many cant even replace

    Actually, while they all might have their own instructions, they do all install in the same way.

    1. Addons: Add a folder to mods\update\x64\dlcpacks, add an entry into dlclist.xml in mods\update\update.rpf\common\data, replace that dlclist in the place it came from.

    2. Replace: Search in OpenIV for the name of the model (e.g. sultan.yft), copy the latest folder containing those files to your mods folder, replace the files in that folder in your mods folder.

    Those are the two forms of cars and all cars install one of those two ways. Most car mods include an Addon and a Replace version and if the replace isn't there, then you extract the required files from the dlc.rpf, rename them and then use method 2. from above.

  • @LeeC2202

    what if i already installed https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/car-weapon-folder-for-replacer ? I'm still confused and have no idea if i'm replacing cars or just putting in add-ons.

  • @UncleRam That's an addon dlcpack that allows you to install replace cars without having to find the models in the existing folders.

    It's kind of a mix between the two methods but you are installing Replace cars, not Addon cars using that.

  • @LeeC2202
    so if i renamed some files "comet.yft" and put it in that folder it would replace the comet? And if i deleted that comet.ytf the real comet would return?

  • @UncleRam Yes, that's basically it.

    I can't find a comet so I will use comet2. You will normally have something like comet2.yft, comet2.ytd, comet2_hi.yft and comet2+hi.ytd as replace files for a vehicle. All 4 will need to be added into that folder.

  • @LeeC2202
    that makes more sense i guess, but most don't have a "+hi.ytd" so what is that and should it be replaced too?

  • @UncleRam If the _hi versions are missing, you can usually copy the normal file and rename it to the _hi version. So if there was no comet2_hi.yft, you would copy the comet2.yft and name it comet2_hi.yft.

    A lot of replace cars are already the equivalent of the _hi versions and that is something you will really need to be careful of.

    Most of the mods released on here use way more resources than the original cars. If you have one as an addon for just the player to drive, there isn't much of a problem. When you start having those cars appearing in traffic, that's where the problems occur. The game can start to lag, they can disappear because they are not constructed properly, you could even end up with the game crashing because of higher memory usage.

  • @LeeC2202
    so i added the 4 comet ytf's and ytds for example and when i load the game up it crashed, then i saw i had to update the update.rpf file because it was outdated and now the same comet keeps showing up and not the porsche i downloaded

  • @UncleRam When you updated the update.rpf, did you redo the entry in the dlclist.xml file for that mod folder?

    To be honest, I presumed that any mods in the mods folder wouldn't work until ScriptHookV had been updated... I had never tested that theory mind you.

  • So wait... you can mod ytd and ydd files in the mod folder without Scripthook working? I thought the whole point of Scripthook was to read that there was a mod folder?

  • @LeeC2202
    oh thats probably why then, so i have to wait till scripthookv is updated now? and no didn't redo the dlclist(You mean the emf folder right?) but i guess it doesn't matter until a new scripthookv comes out, i deleted the one i had cause it kept crashing after i updated

  • @Xanderfied I wasn't sure but having just removed ScriptHookV from my game folder, all the replace peds I had added were still in the game, so it looks like you can.

    Edit: Actually, thinking about it, they were Addon peds, not Replace, I had also added them to popgroups.ymt.

    I know dinput8.dll is the asi loader, so that's probably what allows OpenIV to run with the mods folder. I just wasn't sure if dinput8.dll needed ScriptHookV.dll.

  • @LeeC2202

    my cars i replaced showed up fine after editing the dlc list, also what do i do for car variations? all car mods seem to want me to just replace the entire car variation file

  • @LeeC2202 I think dinput8.dll loads ScriptHookV.dll which in turn does I have no idea. But I know some peeps only use dinput8.dll which, as they say, combats the updates.

    @UncleRam You edit them bit by bit, find out what is changed and put that change in manually.

  • @AHK1221
    how hard is that?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @vendetta1969 You are asking an unrelated question on someone else's thread. Please create a thread that asks that question and it can be answered without interrupting the conversation going on here.

  • @AHK1221
    this is still a major pain in the ass x( its unreal, first of all there are at least 3 carcols in the gta 5 folder how do i know which to edit? And so far only a few cars data are in each carcol and its super hard to find the lines you need to erase and edit, christ modding this game is like ruined for me

  • @UncleRam Why are you editing carcols.meta? You were installing replace cars into that pack which shouldn't require any editing of that file. I don't understand how you have gone from simple replace to this. :confused:

    Which Replace vehicles are you installing that tell you to do that?

  • Vehicle mods do not require ScriptHook.

  • @LeeC2202
    nothing it's just a lot of the cars including base game ones are only spawning in either black, white or silver. And i still need to edit car variations even if it's replace, correct?

  • @UncleRam Very possibly, I have only ever changed that file once in an addon to get a specific livery on a car I could spawn. I tend to leave those files alone if I can, I'd probably break something if I started to mess with them.

    I just wasn't expecting to see you making that level of change with replace cars, I don't even know which file you would make those changes in to be honest. You would need to do it in the mods folder, I'm just not quite sure how.

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