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Several questions about Menyoo.

  • Hello everyone! I've ran into a few things that I can't quite understand about Menyoo, so I'm going to ask you all here:

    • What does "Rainbow Mode" do? I used that option on a car today and it just turned black. Is there any option in the files to tweak it or am I missing something here?

    • How can I add lighting that could later on be seen on the Rockstar Editor? I used two scenes at night: one with the EMP mode on and one with the EMP mode off. In both scenarios the Ambient Lights that I had setup did not show up anywhere. Also, accent lights do not show up at all either, not even on free roam.

    Anyway, these are my questions for now. Thanks for your help!

  • @iSaint9 rainbow mode is weird affects, 2nd question I don't think we can help you :(

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