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[SCRIPTS] (high level) Disney Infinity mod

  • Now hold still, this gonna be good, I promise!

    With the recent Shutting Down of Disney Infinity, most of those players got over 200 bucks of collectibles turned worthless, and I'm pretty sure by abandoning their game, they lose rights over it, if that's a concern
    and here's what I'm proposing: a mod aimed for those players who still got the Disney Infinity Base, that simply spawn the character in the Base into the world of GTA as allies (similar to the Pokemon GO mod), and MAYYYYYYBE futurity Power Discs too
    with the Disney Infinity Base connected on USB, you place a figure into either player slots, that character appears as an ally instead of turn the player on that character
    for example: if playing as Micheal and place an Ironman figure into the Base, and Ironman NPC appears as an ally for Micheal as if he called him on the Phone to hang out, and by removing it the Ironman figure, the ally disappears the same way it came, leaving Michael with whatever he was doing before
    and I was THINKING that MAYBE the Hexagon slot could affect the player itself, but that it way ahead of ourselves

    Now, I know this is very crazy, and most people wouldn't be able to use it, but we, the Disney Infinity players, could have a great benefit from this, and we are natural with modding, am I right? just joking... anyways, this could be a really great mod for me, and I bet you a Steam game that lots of other DI players would like this too, can anyone make this? is it not viable to be a mod? it doesn't worth the trouble? that sounds cool and you want it too? please comment! Thanks, Peace!

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