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Map/Textures disappearing after police response [RDE installed]

  • Hi guys,
    I had RDE installed since months but i recently added an addon car pack and i started noticing missing textures on the map and even the ground disappearing asap the police is called. I think that combining RDE files in a big one will fix my problem but i'm not sure if it won't impact the mod himself.
    your thoughts ?

  • I tried to combine RDE rde/emergency/fbi/sheriff/wov files in a big one. The mods loads and works but still have issues with the textures glitches when the police appears. LA Roads installed too.
    btw my PC specs are not not an issue (4790k @4.7Ghz /GTX1080 @2.1Ghz/16Gb 10-13-13-32-1T 2400Mhz)

  • @slashblaster RDE always messed up my map LOD really bad to. Thats why I wont use it. Im on an i7/980m

  • Deleting the script fixes that problem (because it loads all the models on start , thats why all textures dissapear , too low memory)
    however you will loose most of the features.... still its pretty good because cars will still drive on the roads etc

  • @HeySlickThatsMe 16Gb of RAM aren't enough ?

  • idk , btw i have 16gb of ram too and it dissapears , its the game memory i think , not pc memory

  • the mod worked just fine. I first noticed the textures glitch when i installed an addon car pack of about 7 or 8 cars.

  • @slashblaster have you check in gameconfig.xml if the value of the line <PoolName>CCombatInfo</PoolName> is set to 17 it helped me in the past,
    also if you replace RDE vehicles , make sure they have all LODs and resize skins to 2048*2048 if they are in 4K .
    You can try to restart scripts with insert key when you are playing a long time , when the player die it should clear some things too.

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