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Ads on billboards

  • Hi to everyone!
    My name is Aslan. I am a marketing student and writing a thesis on ads in videogames.
    I am searching for a mod maker, who can help me to add 3 billboards and 3 soft drink bottles to the game.
    Not for free, of course.

  • @17aslan Just search for the textures and change it.. You can take some other mod as a template or so. 15 min of work


    @17aslan it can be free , as it's not that hard, probably you yourself could do it, if u are new to modding probably, if I wasn't so bumbed with mods work, I would have helped right away 4 free.

  • @Kwebbl @FoxtrotDelta I don't have a pc good enough to run the game right now. That's why I need to "oursource" the job = )

  • @17aslan Do you have the images for the billboards ready?

  • @Rarefacer not yet. that's one of the things i wanted to know: what format a picture has to be? what size (in pixels)?

  • @17aslan Usually 1024x512pixels / 512x256px / 512x512px. You can double the size for best results.

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