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(WEAPON/SCRIPT) Paintball gun

  • I have not seen one yet.

  • @Weirdoutworld The gun and shoot balls are possible, but the paint effect on peds is the not avaible to be recreated in GTA V. Exists a method and consists in replace the blood textures with colored paintball impacts, but maybe is a minority who wants paint instead blood.

  • @Rarefacer yes. I was thinking of changing the colors of the blood in peddamagedecals & lowering the size of the wound in decals.dat. (since I use zippo raids decals.)

    Could a script have its own peddamagedecals & decals.dat for a specific weapon?

    I know scripts can use textures for the environment in gtav-scripts-subfolder but not sure about applying them to peds...

  • @Weirdoutworld there might be a way. I'll look into it, but not anytime soon

  • @FoxtrotDelta Sounds good. I'm a patient man. I will wait & keep an eye out for it!

  • I am pretty sure there is a way to make that happen. Tomorrow I will look into it because I know it gives you a plethora of options. All I really need is a paintball gun model to make it look legit!

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