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Remove Gta V Props (World)

  • Hi .. I have an important question and I hope to explain myself well.

    I would use a house (one of those still under construction) to build permanent home with map editor. The question is: is there a way to permanently delete some props? because at the time of creating the new home, some objects is obstructing and therefore remove this: Work tables, wheelbarrows, baskets and other things.

    When I restart the gta these objects spawn again. Then you can remove these permanently? (sorry for bad english)

    Ciao .. qualcuno spiegare come posso rimuovere i "props mondo" in modo che non depongono le uova quando riprendere il gioco? Vi allego foto per farvi capire.

    Ho provato a rimuovere quegli elementi nel cerchio rosso con menyoo o editor di mappe, ma quando riavvio gta, questi elementi fissi ci sono ancora.
    Vorrei ottenere il risultato della terza foto, senza thise elementi, in modo che posso creare la mia casa in modo pulito

    Pic 1: http://i.imgur.com/378jyWT.png
    Pic 2: http://i.imgur.com/1FvgM94.png
    Pic 3: http://i.imgur.com/qS4lv4d.jpg

  • I want to know it too. Do you have done it?

  • @darkownah I'm looking for a way. But currently nothing yet

  • OMG !!!!!! MAYBE I found the solution: D .. after many attempts, now, there are great news !!!

    In less than an hour will give you confirmation of all!

  • I can not believe: ') after 3 days of trying I found the ultimate solution to eliminate props.

    At this point to give a simple explanation, register a short game in which I show how you can set menyoo spooner. After discovering how to do it, at this point I can say that it is really very easy

  • Oh god holy shit, realy??? TELL ME PLS :O YOU ARE MY HERO :O

  • @darkownah damn .. I thought I had solved 100% but instead I have solved 50%.

    Practically when I load the map, the world of fixed objects, there are no (and it is what I wanted) but here is a problem. If you move away from the area too, the props (world) mysteriously spawn yet.

    Now load a video on you tube and show you how far I arrived .. I hope to find this problem too

  • i tried it too... with the spooner. But when i delete all database objects, its buggy. Bushes etc are there, but houses are half spawned.

  • The problem is that when you move too far, then map reload props world.
    We have to find ways to prevent loading

    Look this and help me please:

  • I run a new test. I saved every single element of the house shown in the database, and then I "hidden and removed the collision" to each object rather than eliminate them completely. I discovered that the elements are properly hidden but when you move too far, spawn the same objects on the hidden ones.

  • we need a guy who explain us how to delete props permanently out gta

  • Its possible through GTA V Map files , but im not sure how to do it and i can't help with that

  • HAHAHAHAHAH LOOOOL! I found a drastic solution ahahahah.

    -I added the bathroom cabin on preferred objects of menyoo.
    -Closed Gta
    -Open x: \ Grand Theft Auto V (modded) \ menyooStuff, and open "favouriteprops.xml"

    (The bathroom cabin is called thus: "prop_portaloo_01a"
    <PropModel modelName="prop_portaloo_01a" modelHash="0x28a7a0b9"/>)

    -At this point open, openIV and search with ctrl+F3 -> prop_portaloo_01a

    Delete definitive this "prop_portaloo_01a" in the x64"x".rpf in the main folder gta, and mods folder
    EDIT: Delet both .yft that .ytd

    When I started gta, bath cabin is gone haha lol

  • @Cri-28 thats another way :P , but i can cause some massive glitches like invisible colisions or buggy world

  • @HeySlickThatsMe I thought so. but I tried to pass on the point where there was that bath cabin. Nothing happened. Not exists, so do not crashing into any bugs

  • Now I try to take out all the items that interest me and log the start of the game .. so show you what happens

  • @Cri-28 It depends how many mods are installed and the place
    for example i had many many many mods , and when deleting a few stuff in trevor's house interior the whole alamo sea was buggy

  • @HeySlickThatsMe I see. I saved both deleted files that their path ..

    I try to eliminate these objects and see what happens

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