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How to extend your non-activated period!

  • So I ran out of time to play the game. I was playing the game in offline mode, and my time ran out(7 days). So when I started the game in online mode, as soon as I logged in(when it showed yourusername has logged in) I quit the launcher by clicking the X button. Then launched the game in offline mode. Voila! Extended by offline period without downloading :)

    @LeeC2202 you may find this useful :P

  • @AHK1221 I had that too. Launch the game online and when it says your name on the top right, deactivate your Internet and restart the game.

  • @AHK1221 Ohh, I didn't read it fully, I thought you asked how you can do it. Haha, I really should start reading them completly before Posting xD

  • @Kwebbl Lol its all good


    @AHK1221 Been there... done that. :D

    I only got 2 days before it demanded the activation so I had already done that hoop-jumping.

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