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Rihanna and Nicki Minaj Peds

  • I would love to see these ladies in the game as peds replacement and add on

    There is talk of Nicki Minaj having her own game made as well as Rihanna it be funny if we find ped models of these two ladies they be perfect to replace some of the black female peds in the game since R* can't make a good ped if their lives depends on it.

    Moderator Edit: - Images Removed (The site's image feature is not for hosting images of celebrities. If you wish to add pictures, then either link to existing images online, or host them on an image-hosting site and link to them from there... or compile them into an archive and host them for download on something like Google Drive/OneDrive/DropBox You are free to remove this edit when you have done so.)

  • You do realize you didn't have to post as much pics of rihanna and nicki minaj... right? Literally everyone knows who they are..

  • @TR71777 The more you pester people to make mods for you, the less likely people are to do it. You're honestly just pissing in the wind at this point. If someone wants to put black female peds in the game, they will do it, or you'll have to pay people for it.

  • @Joe-Gillian look I want to see diversity in the ped section instead of nothing but white girls and white anime peds if the vehicles mods section and other section can have variety and diversity in them so can the ped section I see no reason why it shouldn't and second I am on a fixed income from the VA like I can pony up $150.00 to $300.00 ped models and before you say why don't you create them well I am too damn old to even learn and even if I did try it be too damn confusing to me not to mention I have to take college courses just to learn this stuff which I don't have time for.

  • @Joe-Gillian and I am not pestering no one just requesting something big difference

  • @Joe-Gillian here is another reason I am asking is because one I would like to see some black females in the ped department second my daughter wanted to see some black females be made into peds in this game she likes the game and likes this site but she stopped playing and modding her game cause of the lack of diversity of the peds in the site don't get me wrong this is a awesome site with awesome modders and creators but when your kid gets disappointed about the lack of diversity in a area she likes it gets to you and oh I am a white guy but my daughter is half black so please understand that.

  • @TR71777 You've said all of this billions of times already. Stop bothering people, please. You're saying/doing the same things over and over again, expecting a change (but it's not happening). Do you know what that's called?

    If you don't pay to get them made, then no one is going to do it. Period. End of story.

  • @Joe-Gillian wow everything has to be paid wow I thought this site was for free guess not

  • @Joe-Gillian while we at it lets put a huge sign on the site since everything has to be paid for and saying oh you want stuff pay us smdh

  • @TR71777 Yep. No one is going to do it simply because you asked them to. Annoyingly, at that.

  • @Joe-Gillian to you may be annoying but its a simple request and if you had any eyes did I not say I am on a fixed income from the VA and that I am a disabled veteran? or you can't read? like I can afford $150 to $300 for a ped and then pay up more wow get a grip no wonder my daughter stopped coming here no one likes making black females sure there black males and tons of super hero's and white girls and white girl anime and no one cares about diversity all they care about is white girl this white girl that or white anime girl her and there no diversity at all and you wonder why the world is fucked up too many racist people

  • @Joe-Gillian and oh another thing you don't have to deal with racial bullshit like me and my daughter go through on a daily basis the fact that I myself is a white male single father of a mixed raced child that I love dearly and would do anything for her something you can't seem to comprehend my daughter is half black and she has to deal with racial bs so think about that

  • @TR71777 None of that is relevant dude. It's a god damn video game, christ.

  • @TR71777
    To me, you sound very immature. You do realize, the key to all this is being patient?

    Nobody needs to know about your daily life problems and it's not helping anyone.

    Just because your daughter's asking for something doesn't mean you're gonna become harsh with other people who're literally just telling you whats wrong with your post.

    Being a disabled veteran doesn't mean everybody's going to be your servant. You need to be polite.

    And to be quite frank, this kind of behavior is not accepted by the forum's rules.

  • Once again, another thread about the same subject, degrades into the same end result.

    This can not and will not, be allowed to keep happening.

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