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Heads are exploding in the scripthookv threads...

  • Quick! Somebody call a Whambulance, LOL.

  • @eshenk Hard to believe they involve adults at times isn't it?

  • @LeeC2202 I used to go there for the entertainment, but now, it's just maddening. Apparently some have suggested the man to be dead. Don't they have other games? Even if I didn't know how to get around this, there are tons of really good games out there to take up your time with. Even more maddedning is the fact that Blade is an "evil bastard" who deserves half a star, while they are waiting for an update, but then he is their GOD and super hero, when the update comes to fruition, LOL.

  • @eshenk said in Heads are exploding in the scripthookv threads...:

    Apparently some have suggested the man to be dead.

    The thing is, for all we know, that could be true and if it were, you can guarantee that all they would think about, would be their mods.

    To be honest, that mod page needs the comments removing completely. If I was Alex and read that page, I would be leaving a parting comment along the lines of "Screw you, enjoy your unmodded game." :D

  • @LeeC2202 Exactly. This is what makes the guy exceptional. If he were any other kinda guy, these spoiled, entitled, brats would have a real reason to cry.

  • @LeeC2202 @eshenk Just for the funzies, @rappo needs to put a comment on that page saying what you said xD

    Imagine the chaos it would create XD

  • @AHK1221 If only it were April 1st. He could flag it as "Discontinued". Then we grab our popcorn, LOL.

  • @AHK1221 That truly would be hilarious. :)

  • @eshenk Holy shit.... gives me goosebumps even thinking about it!

    Would be a good prank tho.

  • @AHK1221 The entertainment value would be priceless, LOL.

  • I see the fake Alexander Blade account has caused a stir on that page.


    @eshenk said in Heads are exploding in the scripthookv threads...:

    @LeeC2202 Exactly. This is what makes the guy exceptional. If he were any other kinda guy, these spoiled, entitled, brats would have a real reason to cry.

    That may already have happened. :P But I heard someone said they saw him tweet he's working on it. Personally, I have no interest stalking the man around the globe, to try and see what he's up to. I just hope, that when the time is there, and he finally quits, he will put the code in the public domain and/or hand it to someone else.


    NTA's already done some SHV compat thing that's open sourced on GitHub from NTA's GitLab way back when before FiveM was hit by Rockstar. It just needs the new hash translation tables for you to build a compatible new version, it seems.

    The problem lies in finding those hashes after it's been updated, I suppose.

  • Blade is doing great job, no argument here, but do you guys seriously think he's the only one who can release SHV? If it's discontinued, I'm sure someone will pick it up eventually.

  • My concern is that it would go the way of GTAIV, consider this comment from GTA Forums

    The guy who made ScriptHook is not active anymore and he doesn't let anyone change his script to support 1.0.8, so once again, say goodbye to Script mods. Mods that replace other files, like cars still work tho. And if you want to mod your game so badly, just downgrade it. It can be done with a Rockstar .exe and takes a few minutes at max. If you want to play online, copy paul.dll from 1.0.8 to 1.0.7. Simple.

    GTAIV 1.0.8 was released last year and they still have no updated ScriptHook. I did check the GTAV SH page and can't find a similar restriction but I also can't find anything to the contrary. :\

  • Today i popped in then and now to see how Things are working out and if those Weirdos calmed down.I mean,at first it was like "better get some Popcorn" but all this Hate, Stupidity and Ignorance didn´t really calmdown and now it is just sad.People are logging in with fake Alex Blade Accounts,screaming at each other etc.
    And the oddest Thing is....People are still downloading the old Version.I really just hope the real Alex doesn`t give a flying Hoot about all those Crybabies and knaws that there are still many who support him and his Work.

  • So Alexander Blade wont be updating scripthook?

  • @Thatrapgod I am sure he will but someone created a fake account to stir up trouble on the mod page, by pretending to be Alex and saying he wouldn't.

  • @Thatrapgod

    Alex doesn't post things in gta-5-mods. He use GTAForums to post his mods.

    Anyways : alt text alt text

  • I must admit, I feel a bit sad when I saw comments are disabled in the Script Hook V page. I loved reading them. But hey, good riddance. :smiley:

  • The majority of the babies need their GTA confiscating and told to stand in the corner without milk for lunch! F****** idiots. It's ready when it's ready, I'm in dyer need of it yet I've not posted anything remotely asking when its ready ETC


  • @LeeC2202 I read about GTA4 not being updated for a loooong time, such a shame! why is that? Seing as though R will not be updating GTA4 wouldn't it make sense to make a new (one off) scripthook for it that will be usable forever??
    Is something stopping this from happening?

    If I buy GTA4 will I never be able to mod it or can it be rolled back to the last version that worked with scripthook?


  • See this is what I'm talking about folks.....its a root for a dysfunctional community.

    It really sucks we are in this situation with GTAV....again nothing against Alex or any of scripthook guru...but it puts us at the mercy of thier decision to either update in a week or wait a month.
    Continue to update or just stop with updates.....like GTAIV.

    Meanwhile we can't do anything but complain because a modded gta folder is just that....something that isn't supported by Rockstar anyway. Now fortunately we still do have a choice....,.pretty much play your current modded gtav folder state with the simple file swap downgrade.....or wait until a new SHV update.

  • @90sarcadefighter
    It hasn't been updated in a while because they've been busy with other projects, like GTA V.

    There is a possibility the game will be updated again. The beta branch of GTA IV was changed a month after the update was pushed (scroll down to Branches).

    Afaik there is no way to develop a Script Hook that is usable for every patch/update.

    You would be able to do anything that modifies game files (vehicles, weapons, etc.) on the latest patch, but scripts require you to at least downgrade to (alternative downgrade).

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