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Contingency X...

  • DISCLAIMER: In no way am I casting shade on nor impugning the work or person of Alexander Blade.

    Now, having issued that disclaimer, let's get down to brass tacks. As we all know, every once in awhile Rockstar updates GTA V, and when that happens-- more often than not-- it conflicts with Scripthook; obviously, the game still functions, just not script mods. Tell us something we don't know, right? Waiting on an update to Scripthook has never been an issue for a few of us. Sure, it can get frustrating here and there, but we bide our time. Recently, a thought troubled me: what would happen if Alexander Blade-- for whatever reason-- decided not or was unable to update his work? The simple, yet horrifying answer is that unless someone took over, then we couldn't enjoy GTA V as we have been accustomed to playing it.

    That simple answer could easily become a complex one, or worse, go from a solution to a grim reality. As such, maybe it's time to develop a contingency for these unlikely, but worst-case scenarios. With the volume of talented scripters here, there can't truly be a lack of know-how on figuring out how Scripthook functions. With Blade's permission, maybe someone can reverse-engineer the software, and help take up a portion of the work toward "correcting" Rockstar's crippling updates. I mean, rather than Blade being at the mercy of an irritable, impatient public, and/or a public at the schedule of one man, maybe this issue can be co-delegated among two or three people? Leaving an "important" job to solely one person could lead to one of those 'don't-put-your-eggs-in-one-basket' dilemmas, and I'm almost certain that Alexander Blade and the community-at-large could work out a beneficial agreement toward a contingency.

    It should go without saying that I'm extremely grateful to Alexander Blade for his contributions and innovations toward making GTA go beyond a mere crime caper to elevating it on the imaginations and talents of a community. Thank you, sir.

  • @BatKnight Everyone know this might happen. I myself know nothing about how ScriptHookV functions but many people here @Unknown-Modder included knows how it works. When/If something you described may happen, I think we're covered by very awesome scripters to back us up.

    That said, I think we should let Blade do what he does, until he says something about his retirement or something.


    Just be patient, he is working on it. https://twitter.com/OpenIV/status/842106995851313155

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