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[Suggestion] Verified accounts for high-profile modders

  • We we all know, every time there's a GTA update everybody loses their damn minds while they wait for a new Scripthook. Inevitably somebody pretending to be a Scripthook or RPH developer posts some bullshit comments demanding donations in exchange for releasing the SHV update or telling people they're quitting the project or whatever. Obviously we know those are fake accounts, but it still gets annoying. I'd like to suggest that authors with high-profile mods be able to verify their account somehow. A verified account should show a special verified icon, and the site shouldn't let anyone else register for a new account with the same name or a name that is above some similarity percentage.

  • @PNWParksFan This would be a good idea... I was shocked to see someone has been able to create an account with the name Alexander Blade, I wouldn't have thought that was possible.

  • Good suggestion

  • @Frazzlee That's what got me confused... as you and me both know, to have an upload page, you must also have an account. So I naturally presumed that as there was an upload page with a name on it, there must be an account to go with it... that owned that name.

    I must confess, when I saw that my first thought was "Does this mean someone else can make an account in my name and just take my mods?". Not that anyone would be desperate enough to take my mods of course but it just worried me that it appeared that easy to do so.

    I was going to say that having a comment page simply adds to that level of confusion... but on a positive note, it does keep all the crazies in one area of the site when an update drops. :D

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