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How to open .dds files in zmodeler 3?

  • Hello,
    I am learning how to make PED models for gta 5 and I have learned the basics on rigging a model and such. I made 5 peds so far and I plan on releasing them, however I plan on making ocelot from Metal gear solid 5 as my final PED before I release them, however the file I am trying to edit is a .dds file and I do not know how to open it in zmodeler, is it possible to open a .dds file in zmodeler?


    Please respond as soon as possible!

  • @Shinster I have moved this out of the tutorials section as this is a request for modding information.

    dds files are texture files and you edit them in a paint package, like Photoshop or Gimp. You apply them to the model in ZModeler3 but you don't edit them in there.

  • @LeeC2202 Thank you so much for replying!
    Do I need to change the type .dds file to a different format or I can just simply add the texture to the model it in zmodeler? Also would I need to find a .obj model to apply the textures, even though it is not the right model for it?

  • @Shinster I have very little experience with ZM3 I am afraid but you assign materials to the object and in that material you assign the textures to the different channels, like diffuse, normal, specular etc...

    You probably need to wait for someone more experienced with ZM3 to tell you any more than that.

  • @LeeC2202
    Thank you for the support.


    Promising. I wish I could port peds. I need Ada Wong ingame :)

  • @Shinster Yes, you can apply the dds texture to the model. First, open up the Texture Browser. Then click Add. Then add your texture. And then apply it in the materials editor.

  • @AHK1221 I will try this out and inform you if it has worked for me, thank you for replying!

  • @AHK1221
    Edit: I have add the textures using the Texture browers and added my textures then I clicked "Ok", then I went into Materials editor and I do not see my textures, is there a folder in the materials editor I should be clicking on? As I cannot identify where my textures are in the browser.

  • @ReNNie When I have practice installing .dds files and mastering the ways of modeling, I may consider uploading that model, however it may take a while, but I plan on doing so :)

  • @Shinster When you go into the material editor, you must see a material, or more than one. If you don't have a material... I can't help you. They usually look like this. BE SURE NOT TO EDIT THE DEFAULT MATERIAL.


    If you look closely, you can see the material has a Vehicle Basic shader. That may be different for you, but make sure, since you're making a ped, it is a ped shader.

    Double-click on the material and it will bring you this:
    (I have hid unimportant tabs such as User-defined options, color parameters etc etc)


    The DETAIL tab will have your main texture file. Click on the white box that says ... next to the texture map, and it will bring you this:


    If you already have a texture, put that there. If not, click Add, add your texture, and then click on it and then press OK. Now do the same for the BUMPMAP and SPECMAP. You can forget MASK and ENV for now(if you know what they are just go ahead and put them in). Most of the models' textures I have have _dif, _spec or _nm next to it. The BUMPMAP is also known as a normal map, and it is mostly blue. The spec map is known as a specular map, which defines the specular-ness(?) of the model.

    If you don't have those two files, you can put a blank normal map:

    and a blank specular map:

    Pretty small textures, I know. But they do the trick.

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