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Looking to hire a modder/modders to convert Tanks from War Thunder to GTA V

  • Hello GTA 5 modding community!

    I am currently looking to hire someone (or a group of people) to convert most of the tanks from War Thunder into GTA 5. This project should hopefully be straightforward and easy enough for some of the great modders out there and I would hereby like to offer a contract for someone to accept to bring tanks to GTA 5 as I am passionate about armored vehicles, both historical and modern, and really enjoy looking around them and driving them, but I'm tired of the stress games like WOT and War Thunder bring me when I just want to have a casual drive around and do some off roading without having to worry about ridiculous grinds to get all the tanks I want!

    And of course, I don't want exclusive rights to all the tank mods... I would like them to be shared with the community for all to enjoy.

    What I'm looking for:

    • The converted tanks must be of a high quality, the right scale in-game, fully working, etc
    • Ideally, only modders of a high caliber are wanted (or just a well known modder in general)
    • Must be able to commit to converting ALL tanks from War Thunder (if this task is too much to ask, then exceptions can be made)

    How much I pay you is negotiable... but please don't ask for ridiculous amounts! This project will eventually encompass other military vehicles as well as tanks from games such as World of Tanks and Armored Warfare that are not currently present in War Thunder.

    So spread the word and hopefully we can flood this game with some high quality military vehicles from War Thunder and other games!


    Note: If a modder wanted to do this for free at his or her own pace, then that would be awesome too!

  • @Huggy94 I have already converted 5 tanks from armored warfare. I can convert some more, but all tanks from war thunder are just too many for a single modder.

    I'm up for the task , if it's not time limited or too many tanks.

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