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Crashing still after scripthookv update

  • I am still crashing after I put in the new updated scripthookv I even put in the updated gameconfig and reuploaded my dlclist I even took out scripthookv.net and its still crashing I even updated the mods folded with openIV I did everything that I normally do and now my game still crashes this never happened before at all cause all the other times my game worked now all of a sudden it won't stop crashing?

    I will be very highly upset if I have to redo everything in my dlclist.xml and my mods folder it will take me almost 2 to 3 hours to get everything back up again.

  • Did you copy new update.rpf to mods folder? Try it if you didn't do yet.

  • @EDGeNA I did everything including copy the new update.rpf

  • i have the same problem

  • @WolfSuriv @TR71777 try a few different gameconfig.xml files.

  • If its crashing without a fatal error(scripthookv error message when game crashes) its a dlclist error. I had the same error, I added patchday14ng and mpspecialraces and then no more crashes

    @TR71777 @WolfSuriv

  • @Weirdoutworld already done

  • @AHK1221 is not a fatal error, game crash after loading, I added patchday14ng and mpspecialraces, problem percist

  • @AHK1221 I just did that right now actually & it still crashed. Added patchday14 & mpspecialraces to dlclist under my addonped & addonprops. :/

  • @Weirdoutworld Its patchday14ng btw :)

  • Haha no its not! Quit fooling everybody. 😂

  • @Weirdoutworld

    Well this is how your vanilla dlclist should be:


  • now its saying I have to verify my game data wow wtf smfgdh

  • now I have to reinstall the entire damn game and start over from scratch this is going to take me 4 hours to get everything back FUCKING THANKS R* for breaking shit all the damn time

  • @TR71777 You probably did not use the mods folder method....

  • @AHK1221 yes I did I even removed a few and it still crashed I always used the mods folder

  • @TR71777 The game should never ask for a verification if you did use the mods folder. AFAIK it can ask for verify in two ways:

    1. you launch the game with -verify command.
    2. you edit the actual game files, without using mods folder.

  • @TR71777 Repair the install. Quick & easy if you have the disc version...

  • @AHK1221 well it did ask me and I didn't edit the game files I used the mods folder and it still crashed

  • @Weirdoutworld I have the game stop retail version the 7 disc set

  • @TR71777 insert the 1st disc, click "repair install"

  • @Weirdoutworld I don't do steam anymore cause every time I used steam in the past it wouldn't let me keep GTA 4 cause game stop had an app that worked just like steam and it was partnered with steam until steam and game stop parted ways and game stop stop their app and now I can't play GTA 4 anymore cause of steam and game stop

  • @Weirdoutworld did that and it still crashed I'm right now reinstalling the entire game

  • @TR71777 yea i hear ya. I bought DOOM16 from gamestop, then had to download 50 something gigs from steam anyway! Smh

  • Ok I have did a total clean reinstall no mods nothing and my game still is crashing WTF?

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