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How To: Instructions for changing flags.

  • Hello,

    Before I start, I would like to say I'm not sure where to write these instructions. So moderators, I'm sorry if I made a mistake :)

    For example, you see the flag poles around the city, and you really want your country flag, or a flag you like. Well there are some things you need, before you can start:


    You can use a different image editor that can make DDS images, and canva isn't necessary, but simply makes things easier sometimes. I highly recommend these. Oh, and you need the texture toolkit!!

    So find a flag image, jpeg, or png. I recommend something that's at least 256, or 512. Something with good quality, and maybe it can have creases for a 3D look. It doesn't sound necessary, but it can look nice in game. Plus...copying GTA's idea haha

    x64c - levels - gta5 - props - building - v_rooftop.rpf
    x64u - levels - gta5 - _hills - country-06 cs6_03.rpf

    x64c files for flags:

    x64u file for flag:

    The YTD and YFT's can be opened and viewed with OpenIV. OIV will let you edit the YTD in x64u, but not the YFT'S. So you need the texture toolkit that I linked earlier.

    View the flag image in the x64u and make your flag the same size, or 2x the same size, and save it as the same image type, or as a png. Canva is very easy for this, but you can resize with paint net too. Open the YTD with OpenIV, find the flag, and replace it with yours. Simple resize and double checking the image type/size is good enough. This flag in x64u is by the Rebel Radio building.

    The x64c files are less simple. Find the x64c files, drag them to desktop, open with texture toolkit, and remember the image dimensions and DXT format. Open paint net, or your chosen program, and resize your flag to the exact same size as the x64c flags that you want to replace. Save them for example, as DDS with mipmap DXT1. paint net creates the mipmaps. It's an option when you Save As.

    Drag your DDS flag image to the desktop too. Find the GTA image name by opening the YFT's with texture toolkit, or OIV. You need your image name to be the exact same as the image you're replacing in the YFT. You'll know if the name is wrong, because nothing will happen. Open the YFT's with texture toolkit, and click edit and import. Import your image. You will need to change your own image name a lot for this. So be safe and keep a backup if you want, and I also highly recommend having a mods folder.

    Canva is nice and quick for flags and license plates, but you want paint net for doing anything advanced.

    Vehicle Flags and Plates:
    I didn't write anything for this, but the license plate image and monster truck flags are located below:
    License plates: x64e - levels - gta5 - vehicles - veshare.ytd
    Liberator: x64w - dlcpacks - mpindependance - dlc.rpf - levels - gta5 - vehicles - mpindependance.rpf
    Marshall: x64w - dlcpacks - spupgrade - dlc.rpf - x64 - levels - gta5 - vehicles - spupgrade.rpf

    The vehicles ytd's have the flags, and I recommend getting the mask for license plate _n images. The standard ones will look strange.

    So that's it! I think I placed this in the wrong erm...place, and I probably forgot to say something important. This isn't rocket science. Just a nice How To for people who are new to this. Especially for people going from console to PC.

  • Really thanks... i learned big things.

  • That was a hell lot of information :).. and thanks by the way , it's awesome :D!!... For more instructions related to changing flag , get the file here !!

  • Dude, you said that you recommended Canva but you didn't say anything about how it's works, what is it, and what is it for? And you was explaining this tutorial with Paint.net not Canva. So, i'm confused here. What's tool that i need to use? What is Paint.net do? What is Canva do? Are they different or same paint/editing tool?

  • @OrcaellaSaurusID Paint.net is like adobe photoshop. I recommend Gimp2 as well its a free program and does a good amount of the things photoshop does. Pretty sure it does more editing then paint.net. You will need to find some plugins called NormalMap, insanebump and bumpmap to make normal maps for any texture that you make. You will also need the dds plugin so you can load dds textures which is what gtav uses.

  • This post is deleted!

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