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Corrupt Game Data in mods folder

  • I THINK i have posted about this before but i don't know how i find my previous posts if i have. But, basically the game was fine then i updated scripthook and everything and it was STILL fine but then i got out of the game and when i tried to get back in (without changing anything) I get the ERR_FIL_PACK_3 error and it says corrupt game data. When i remove the mods folder from the main directory it works again and this obviously is a vague description but does anyone know a way to search for corrupted files in OpenIV? Because If not i might have to start removing car mods until the game works and well....that'll take a long time... lol

  • @SancrisWolf Open the openiv.log file, check to see which file it was loading at the end, start by removing that mod if it is in the mods folder.

    Edit: Sorry, this probably isn't a good suggestion to fix your problem. :(

  • Did you update your update.rpf? (If you have it in mods folder)

  • @LeeC2202 XD when it crashes it says 18/03/2017 15:27:15.984 [9224] TRACE: [fiDeviceLocal::getFileAttr] 'x64/levels/gta5/vehicles_mp.rpf' at the end of the log and when i go look for that its nowhere to be found so i have no idea why its crashing lol


    Replace update/update.rpf in mods with the new update.rpf and re-apply your mods.

  • @ikt I already did when OpenIV said to

  • @ikt ACTUALLY it seemed to work but I'm not sure how i'll know that its not just gonna corrupt it again sadly >.<

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