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Permalink comments

  • It's annoying to find context in the comment section for mods and there isn't really a way to easily link to specific comments. The comments do have an ID each, which can be found with inspect element, but it's pretty annoying. A permalink button/link would be a great help to link other people :)

    The link to a comment is used by the notification system and recent comments anyways (context), just exposing this would help a lot!

    Taking this a little but further, - maybe the reply button could also add a link to the replied-to post. Like this, maybe?


  • This feature is standard on the majority of mod sites, shouldn't even need to be requested. Odd that it's still not implemented after multiple years. Bumping in case any of the site admins see this post and decide to implement this.

  • While I'm at this, showing mod posts over multiple pages would also be nice, as well as showing pages of user posts on their profile page.

    Also, consider appending the @user on a new line after the last typed line, makes replying to multiple comments somewhat more bearable.


    @ikt another feature i'd quite like in regards to comments is when people comment on your mod without @'ing you in it, it would still notify you

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