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Game crashes on loading....why?!

  • Hello,

    If I was less patient, everything would have been thrown out of my bedroom window.

    I have a gameconfig, before anyone asks, and I've been adding police cars. This involved changing the carvariations in the mpchristmas2 dlcpack, and I couldn't be bothered to go the vehicles.meta, as it's only recommended for gauges, and it's never given me issues before.

    I put the replacing vehicle files in patchdayng.14, and my veshare.ytd and popgroups have been tried and tested. The OIV signs install, and other possibly problematic things have been used. So I can say for sure, they are fine. I've tried loading the game, with and without nativetrainer, and no other trainers are installed. So native trainer isn't the problem either. I uninstalled the add on police car slots, and that wasn't the issue either. My only guess is that the emergency grangers have been replaced with vehicles where people can stand on the outside, instead of being seated.

    So literally everything that is changed:
    The sirens have changed, the carcols have changed, the veshare, most emergency vehicles, carvariations, popgroups, siren sound effects, changed. I have the scripthook stuff, as usual, all up to date, no trainer, OIV install for German road signs.

    The weird thing about this crashing is when you load up the game, you have the option to go online, or single player, and a couple other online related options. When I click single player, I will get onto the 2nd slide, every single time, and it's GRR crash!! i'm ok

    You know you've given up, when you load the game in windowed....

    0_1489890904308_Screenshot (281).png

  • i have the same problem

  • @WolfSuriv I found the problem. Go to OpenIV, and scroll down to the OpenIV log and look. My mpchristmas2 was the problem.

  • What have you done to solve the problem?

  • @Namie243 How to know what the problem is in the log?

  • @Namie243
    I found the problem thanks to you! My problem was

    11: 57: 25.614 [7940] TRACE: [fiDeviceLocal :: getFileAttr] 'x64 / levels / gta5 / script / script.rpf'

  • @cleyton Pirated version is NOT allowed on these forums.

  • @cleyton discussions about pirated files games , are not allowed. Sorry. Take it somewhere else.

  • @cleyton This discussion is about trying to load our games, and to stop it crashing on loading up. Feel free to start your own discussion.

    For pirated games, I do not know. The moderator said pirated games can't be discussed here, and I use steam.

  • @Namie243 I taged the above user not u,

  • @WolfSuriv How can you know that was the problem and what did you do after found it?

  • @FoxtrotDelta My response wasn't to you, don't worry :) I agree with what you said.

    Smiley faces are laughing faces?! Ok oops

  • This post is deleted!

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