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  • I want to let everyone know that R* is having issues with the 7 disc retail set for some reason or another the new patch has caused some crashes with the retail version of the game R* said that they will fix this in the next patch anyone who has the retail version R* has said to do this and it should work GTAVLauncher.exe - Shortcut with -verify at the end to verify all files that should help get the game started the steam/warehouse versions are not affected I was told this by a R* rep that was on the phone with me helping me with my issue just wanted to let you all know whats up.

    P.S. this issue only happens when you do a reinstall of the game.

  • Does retail version mean the way we play GTA5 through Steam not using CDs?


    @EDGeNA yes

  • Where can I read that notice?

  • @EDGeNA I was on the phone with R* when I couldn't get my game to start I am sure they will post it on their website I haven't been on their website as of late so I don't know where it would be though I don't normally deal with their website cause of all the bot responses I get from them do I call them instead


    The Steam version you play through Steam, the Retail is the game bought in a store it is a RSC version too, and there is also a digital version, where you can buy an activation key and input it without buying CDs.


    @AHK1221 I thought all non-steam were retail versions and if he had discs then he would by default be non-steam and thus retail version?

  • @EDGeNA He asked:

    Does retail version mean the way we play GTA5 through Steam not using CDs?

    Through steam, not using CDs. That's the Steam version.
    The one where we use CDs is a Retail version.

    And you are correct, I was just explaining how you could buy the activation key, it still technically is a retail version, but without CDs.

  • @DarthPungz There are actually three versions:

    1. Steam - Digital download through Steam
    2. Rockstar Warehouse - Digital Download direct from Rockstar
    3. Retail - Boxed DVD version on 7 discs


    @AHK1221 oh I just reread his original question post that I responded to.... Whoops... My mistake.... I thought I read that he said he uses CDs not steam for install... I replied to him too quickly without carefully reading

  • @LeeC2202 Ohhh so thats what the Rockstar Warehouse version is... gotcha.

  • Thank you for detail explanation everyone.!
    By the way I'm using Steam version and after the latest ScriptHook, GTA5 Keep crashing after few minutes of playing. Is that the only problem of mine?

  • Lmao i saw saying that i got Warehouse version but i got retail :P

  • @LeeC2202 thanks lee for the help I thought I worded it better but I got my game running thanks to R* I hope they patch this soon so people like me who own the 7 disc set don't have this problem anymore.

  • @DarthPungz I only use the 7 disc set cause I don't go through steam due to what happed between Game Stop and Steam with GTA 4

  • @LeeC2202 hey bro it seems like everyone is having crashes but no one has checked there game like I did it has something to do with the GTAVLauncher.exe as what was told to me by R* for the 7 disc set as far as steam/warehouse versions it could be their mods as far as the retail version(7disc set) its the launcher that is having issues when others do a complete fresh install/reinstalled game I did what I could to inform everyone lol but it has something to do with the GTAVLauncher.exe - all the person has to do is make a copy of their GTAVLauncher.exe - as a shortcut and put -verify and have the game be verified it should work that's what helped my issue till R* can fix it with the next patch

  • @TR71777 Not seeing too many crashes on here thankfully... which is probably tempting fate. I use the retail version myself and it's all been fine up to now. I've posted the verify instructions a few times on people's problem pages in the past but it's amazing how many people seem to disappear after I suggest that.

    It is a very useful way to flush out the cracked game users though, as they can't do it... Not that I would suggest that everyone who runs and hides is one of those people of course... but it makes you think.

  • @LeeC2202 so true bro so true I had a guy asked me that earlier this morning before I left for church he asked will this work for his cracked version and I told him I can't help you and I also told him maybe you should get the legit game like normal players do

  • @LeeC2202 hey bro if anyone else has any issues with the retail version let them know about my post and see if that also can help?

  • @TR71777 Will do.

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