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Can't see over dashboard...

  • ...the default FP driving view is too low for half the vehicles - you can't see over the friggin' dashboard!

    What with all the blind corners on hill crests, all you can see thru the windshield is sky half the time!

    Vans and trucks are the worst for this, but many cars too. The view height rises slightly when looking left or right, then dips back down when centered.

    We need a simple hack that adds some height to the FP driving view - not a complete camera replacement, with associated FPS hit and other complications.. (Driving Modes mod can add Z height, but at expense of FPS, head tracking sync, and seamless glance backwards)

    What we currently have is a neck-cam. It just needs moving upwards ~10 cm.

    A view pitch angle modifier would also compliment this, would only need around 10° of adjustable range.. (for getting the perfect view thru the windshield).

  • There was a mod which was breaking this limitation but it doesn't work anymore on newest updates
    i suggest using flawless widescreen and changing your vehicle fov to bigger (Its fov , yes , but there is no other mods which can do similiar things)

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