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Help Installing Trains in World of Transportation 7.0

  • Over the course of this mods existence, many have had problems with the installation of the trains in this mod. This topic is posted to help everyone with the issues present.

  • How do I activate the Train Mod?

  • @dhehehe First, download the mod from the page. Next, extract all files from the zip folder and go to the vehicle files folder. Open OpenIV or any rpf opener for GTA 5. Then go to mods/x64e.rpf/levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf. Make sure that your x64e.rpf archive is copied into your mods folder. Then locate the trains files specified in the readme files. Once located right click on those files and click the replace button. Then replace then with the appropriate yft file. For the ytd files use the trains.ytd files to replace the .ytd and +hi.ytd files of every train. Make sure to right click and replace with these files; do NOT drag the files into the archive. There is no need to rename each file, for OpenIV will do it for you when you replace the file. The trains with spawn automatically in the game if installed properly.

  • so...
    I replaced the all the files like you said but it is showing in the game but glichy. I replaced the train.ytd with all the other files and the fright.ytf its still not working. what to do?

  • @dhehehe what do you mean by glitchy, could you be a little more descriptive

  • By glitch...
    I mean when the train comes around the shape of the new train appears but the texture is black and white. I know i did something wrong in the installation process but Im not sure how to fix my mistake. Thanks for your quick responses!

  • @dhehehe sounds like you only replaced the ytf files which is the train model files but not the texture file which is ytd.

  • Im sorry but im still not fully comprehending the directions. Any other way you could help me?

  • @dhehehe try replacing the +hi.ytd files with the .ytd files provided in the files. Sorry for slow response

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