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activation required issue

  • when i start up the game i get this message just before the loading screen

    "activation required - activation requires internet connection and you are currently in offline mode. your offline activation data could not be loaded. please verify internet connection and reset GTA V.

    Ive never had this before so don't know where to start, I've tried re-installing social club, starting the game offline and online but still same thing happens, any help is much appreciated :).

  • @yayos Have you got any of the GTAV exe files blocked in your firewall?

  • @LeeC2202 naa the game was fine before the update so it cant be that, i can always just refresh with my back up but i don't want to install all my cars again thought i would keep that as my last resort. i did try installing redux (for the last time) but i doubt it would be that as well.

  • @yayos I had the same thing while I had forced mine offline before the update, but all that it required was the correct login details in the launcher and it connected and activated.

    The other thing to check, is to make sure you don't have a commandline.txt file in your game folder with the -SCOfflineOnly option in it... that might cause it as well.

  • @LeeC2202 totally forgot to change that back to the original file thanks, that has fixed the issue but a new one has appeared, the loading screen starts now but then game shuts down and this appears a few second later.

    "corrupt game data. please reboot, verify the game data, or reinstall the game. for more info please visit http://rsg.ms.verify

  • @yayos It seems to think that the game needs verifying. I have had this happen when I have removed ScriptHookV before and I can't work out why because ScriptHookV doesn't change any game files.

    You can do that without affecting the mods folder though, so you won't lose anything, but copy it out if you're worried about it.

    Then remove anything/everything mod related from the game folder, run the verify process to get everything back in order, then re-add the newly downloaded ScriptHookV files and try again, along with OpenIV and any trainer you want to use.

  • @LeeC2202 couldn't get around it in the end since I'm a noob still haha, i just replaced it with a clean replace but thanks for all your help much appreciated :)

  • @yayos No problem, as long as you got it working, that's the important thing. :slight_smile:

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