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Is there a decrypted carvariations?!

  • Hello,

    So I have learned how to do standalones, (carvariations, vehicles mets, vehicle files) but I need a decrypted normal GTA carvariations. I couldn't find any. So...here I am again haha

    Any decrypted "unmodified" carvariations out there?

  • @Namie243 I seem to have one but there are several entries like this in it.


    So it looks as if whoever decrypted it, couldn't identify every entry in it. Don't know if that's any use to you.

  • @LeeC2202 For what I'm doing, I will only need to possibly change the vehicle name. May be s problem later. I edit files like vehicles meta by extracting and editing as text, then placing them back again.

    I think it would be helpful to have :D See you people have the answer to everything.

  • @Namie243 I am actually planning on finishing a tool this afternoon that I am hoping will fix all those hash_collision entries.

    As far as I know, that line is the one that assigns the modkit, so it would normally say something like:


    So the breakdown of that line is NUMBER_CARNAME_modkit. I have the code that can generate the hash codes, so all I need to do, is to create a hash from this value hash_collision_3850001273 and then using the existing data in the carvariations file, keep generating strings until one generates a matching hash value.

    I will basically start at 1_CARNAME_modkit and then run to 226_CARNAME_modkit and that should guarantee to generate a matching hash.

    At that point, I will have the correct string, that I can then add in place of that hash_collision text. So if you hang on until tonight, I should be able to give you a file with those lines fixed.

  • @LeeC2202 I'd rather wait, then rush. So you are doing this for all vehicles in carvariations?! You must be very busy :) I've seen that encrypted mess haha Took one look, and went to texture editing....

  • @Namie243 The programme will do it all. I just load the file and it will sit there calculating hashes and making the repairs and then (hopefully) spit out a fixed file at the end of it all. That's the plan anyway. :D

  • Well that plan had a success rating of absolutely zero. But I am not completely sure why.

    Best thing I can suggest, is go here: http://gtaforums.com/topic/865391-wipv-metatool-ymt-ymap-ytyp/?hl=%2Bmeta+%2Btoolkit

    Download the Beta version in that first post and extract it to a folder. Extract the carvariations.ymt file from OpenIV into the same folder and then drag that file on top of the MetaTool.exe file. That will generate a decrypted xml file that will match what I have.

    I could have just sent you the file but if you have the tool and know where to get it, you can keep an eye on any updates that might improve the decryption. If I can find out what is wrong, I will add more info back here.

  • @LeeC2202 Ahh well nothing can be perfect.....

    I will try it, thank you! Should be good, and what I need. Gooood, and having my own version of the file is nice :)
    Crazy to think GTA is a few years old, and there's still things we can't do.
    I read the initial description, and it says no PSO files...

  • @LeeC2202 So apparently the biggest issue is that the files are metadata compiled into a ymt.

    So the only program that could in theory reverse this, is the one R* used. Unless we can find out that program, and their settings, we could spend years....spend forever trying to make it so we can mess around with this. I can view as hex etc....but I think the carvariations will be a secret/partly secret forever. I guess you somewhat knew this, but if you didn't know, you know now.

  • @Namie243 You can decrypt carvariations.ymt with that programme I linked to but it contains all those hash_collision values in the xml file. A lot of it is readable though, in fact, about 96% of it is, as plain xml.

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