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Add-On to Replace

  • So I am making a full replace pack but there are some cars around that are add-on only like the BMW I8 . I know how to make the I8 replace the Khamelion but how do I fix the handling and tuning parts ?

    Thanks in advance , MrTuning2001

  • @MrTuning2001 you can copy the handling inside handling.meta inside the i8 download and just replace it with the one in handling.meta which includes khamelion just rename i8 to khamelion. the tuning parts a bit more work. you must delete all parts in khamelion_mods file and put in the i8 mod files, then you have to rename the stuff in carcols and carvariations with the one from the add on and rename every "i8" in "khamelion"

  • @TobsiCred Thanks :D Finally I can complete my replacement :P

  • @MrTuning2001 so the original car is in

    just rename the yft and ytd files of the i8 to khamelion.yft and so on, then replace the files (after backup)
    go to \mods\x64i.rpf\levels\gta5\vehiclemods\khamelion_mods.rpf
    and delete the files inside (after backup)
    go to your i8 addon dlc \x64\vehiclemods\i8_mods.rpf and copy the files inside the empty khamelion_mods.rpf

    now you have to change the carcols.meta to get the mods to work
    but before we replace the lines in vehicle.meta and handling.meta so your cars handling is like the addon handling

    go to mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\levels\gta5
    extract and open vehicles.meta with any editor (like notepad++) and search for "khamelion"
    replace all lines between
    with the one from the addon in i8 vehicles.meta
    beginning with:
    ended by:




    you have to add

    if you dont care about the original handling and want to choose the handling from khamelion
    your car already works now (without the tuning parts)
    if you want the i8 handling just replace handling inside the handling files and then rename
    <handlingName>KHAMEL</handlingName> (not khamelion :wink: )

    now you have to change the following files to get the mods working
    carcols carvariations the important lines you can see in this topic:

  • @TobsiCred Thanks for your help , but for some reason only the handling works . I editted Carcols and CarVariatons and now ALL tuning parts are gone :rofl: Oh well , at least I can drive the car without flipping over . Honestly I don't care as much about tuning parts as I do for handling . Thanks anyway , you helped me fix the handling :D

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