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Car Mods Troubleshooting

  • hi,
    i use the gameconfig mod for more than 3 car mods. game is with the latest update and scripthook. for example i use [YCA]Aige mclaren p1 and corvette c7 for example but his viper mod doesn´t work for me.


    i got every time invaild model message. the other car mods works fine.


  • @tdk01 I can confirm that the mod works fine, this is on the latest update with this gameconfig. https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars

    Here's a picture of them both spawned just before I posted this message.

    alt text

    Check to make sure that the entry in your dlclist.xml is correct.

  • his mclaren p1 and corvette c7 works fine for me too and other mods like the f430s or bmw m3.
    i got this problem only with this mod and earlier i got the same problem with this mod

    yeah i use this gameconfig too.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    and ingame you see the p1, etc. mods works fine but only this two mods doesn´t work yet

    alt text

    here when i try to spawn the the dodge

    alt text

    and here the viper

    alt text

  • @tdk01 Move the viper and your other addons to the mods folder, see if that makes any difference.

  • no difference =(

  • what can i do? is this maybye with the latest game update?

  • @tdk01 Does the RS6 spawn? I have no idea what that looks like so I don't know if it's in that picture you posted.

    My next step would be to save that dlclist somewhere, get the one from the vanilla game files, just add the viper and rampage10 entries... from fresh, don't copy and paste them from your current dlclist.xml... and then add that dlclist.xml file to your mods folder and see if they spawn.

  • no the same invaild model =(
    i delete the mods folder, etc. and try a clean install. maybye it works after reinstall all the mods

  • after i make a clean install from gta v and install the natural vision mod and the car mods. i had a strange bug, no car mods works??? natural vision works fine. but now i got with the p1 or the f430s invaild model??? i try all version from the gameconfig mod (gta base, 0,5 traffic/peds, 1,5, etc.) not working anymore and yes i have the newest version from scripthook and oiv

  • i got it to work all car mods =)

    but now after the latest update, some car mods doesn´t work. the p1, f430s, viper and bmwf82 and the dodger rampage10 mods works fine. the lamboreventon, honda nc1, doesn´t work. replace versions works great (only tuning seems some position bugs for example backspoiler in the middle of the car, etc.).

    new added cars as addon don´t work

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