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How to create props for map editor?

  • How to create props for map editor? I'm going to create walls to build buildings. I know there are already packages to be downloaded, but I find only HUGE pieces.

    You know tell me what programs should I use?

  • @Cri-28 well if you get some basic in modeling you could join us on custom addonprops, i was aiming to do more but don't get a lot of free time curently so any help for this would be appreciated.
    I could prepare some model and you could care about texture
    Pm me if interested ;)

  • Hello any modder I need ask question

  • @MRMODZ55 I guess you should create your own topic in " general moding discussion " if that have nothing related to this one
    it will increase your chance of getting answered

  • @Shaezbreizh Actually I have no basis in this field. But now I have the time and I know I could learn to do it .. my intention is to simply make the walls of different sizes, so they can be used to make the walls of houses etc.
    For to do this, I do not think it is difficult

  • well in fact I don't know how to create wall from a to z (i've try but there is colision problem and i'm not good in Uv mapping ;s) so what i do is reusing model from rockstar and change size/form/texture to get what i want.
    The hardest thing is too find a basic model that look like a wall, or rearrange existing wall
    you can do all of this with 3ds gims evo or zmodeler
    i've already some model prepared if you wanna work with us i'll share them (we're adding thousand of object of any kind to be spawned for mapper using object spawner)

    about creating from begining idk sorry, i'll retry now that i'm a bit more experienced but don't get a lot of free time cureently and i've to release my V4 before spend time on test

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