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[SCRIPT] Grabbing a ledge while falling

  • Ok, so this is how my concept sounds.

    I want a mod that prompts me to press a key when free falling to make the character try to grab a ledge or something. Something like GrabAnything does (which doesn't work with the current ScriptHookDotNet) but only when free falling.

    I'm thinking of a scenario when I'm having no parachute and a gunshot or something pushes me from a high place and I don't want to die. So the game will show a UI notification like "Hold [name a key] to try to grab a ledge." while free falling. It may or may not work based on falling speed and luck (or you name it). And then if it suceeds it will prompt you to "Press [name a key] to climb up. Press [name a key] to let go.".

    I want to achieve something like that:

    An old video of (almost) my use case scenario done with GrabAnything. (starts at 0:05 and ends at 0:20)

    I don't want to sound overly pretentious. If you're not in the mood for complicated things like that, a mod that does just what GrabAnything does will do the job just fine. :)

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