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Cops turned into hostile aliens (independance day)

  • so imagine the aliens built into the game have arrived ,and they have taken over officals and police !! a mod were they look like aliens ,not police and there helicopters are the spaceships or flying saucers already built into the data bases :)

    1. now ide like to see a "independence day" version were the large saucer is over los santos and has to be destroyed in time by missles and they are limited in number ! of course the hit to the main armament like the movie would be cool .
      but I do think the alien cops and helis and swat teams could be easly converted and this mod become a reality :)

  • im still willing to donate a award to somebody to make this for me pls. it should be easy to change the cops to aliens for the fist part . as for the saucers , add those later , just get the basic going irst then add more pls

  • @tatiyana It's a easy thing to just replace the cops to aliens,just fetch an alien model on this site and replace the proper models (not the original alien model ingame since that's meant to be alien actors so aliens without that 'alien head' but a human head would appear )

  • thankyou elope !!! I will try to get ash or somebody to help me as I am still learning ,like I said its worth a donation to me to have this

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